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New England Patriots Antonio Brown Wide Receiver He was charged with sexual assault, in conjunction with forced rape, by his elderly coach in a federal lawsuit filed in Florida on Tuesday.

Brown, 31, allegedly hired gymnast Britney Taylor, whom he knew at Central Michigan University, as his deepest trainer in June 2017, in tune with the lawsuit filed in the South Florida District and considered by NBC Files. Taylor, 28, claims that Brown assaulted her twice that month and, on the other hand, in Maybe 2018.

Darren Heitner, Brown's lawyer, denied all charges against his consumer in a comment late on Tuesday.

"Mr. Brown denies any and all allegations in the process" Heitner said in a comment. "He will seek all the appropriate therapies not to draw attention from his title, but also to protect different expert athletes from misguided accusations."

In June 2017, Brown allegedly took Taylor to his home in Pittsburgh for a day's training walk and now has not booked her for a hotel, as the lawsuit claims. Taylor states that while she was using a toilet inside this house, Brown came in with his penis exposed.

While Taylor covered her eyes and tried to move away from the bathroom, Brown allegedly grabbed her and kissed her without consent, the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit said Taylor "struggled to avoid the episode," hoping to maintain an expert relationship with the then Pittsburgh Steelers player.

Later that month, Brown reportedly assaulted Taylor again while the two watched a church provider on his iPad on a training day in Miami, Florida.

"Unbeknownst to Taylor while she was alive in the non-secular video, Brown began masturbating to relieve her," the lawsuit said. "Before she knew or understood what was going on, Brown was ejaculating on her."

Taylor claims that Brown bragged about the incidents in textual messages, calling her "used bitch" in screen shots integrated into the process.

The fragile 28-300, sixty-five-day gymnast decreases contact with Brown after the incident until he contacted her in 2018 to apologize in line with the process. She started working for Brown again in April 2018, training him throughout the plot during the off-season weekends.

Taylor claims that Possibly in 2018, a month after working with Brown again, the NFL player raped her after a night out with traffic at a Miami club. She allegedly took Brown and another football player to Brown's house at night and went to the bathroom when the attack allegedly occurred, in keeping with the process.

She claims, in the process, that Brown asked to talk to her in her room and after they talked a little, Brown cornered her and pulled her down on the bed as she tried to pull away. Taylor accused Brown of forcibly raping her while she tried to physically battle him and expose him not.

"Even though she went to Brown's house in Miami to retrieve some deeper belongings, she stopped working for Brown later," the lawsuit said.

In a comment given to NBC Files by his lawyer, David L. Haas, Taylor said the decision to talk was once an extremely complicated option.

"I even came across with energy in my faith, my family, and the reports of more than just a few survivors of sexual assault," Taylor said in the comment. "Talking removes the shame I feel even for the last 300 and sixty-five days and puts it on the person responsible for my rape."

Haas would no longer comment on whether Taylor had contacted the police about any of the alleged robberies.

Heitner claims that Taylor contacted Brown in 2017 to ask the big recipient for a $ 1.6 million "investment" in an industrial venture and to diminish contact with him after Brown declined. The attorney also states that Taylor sought out Brown again in 2018 and provided to train him for next season.

"After that, the accuser engaged Brown in a deeper and more consensual relationship," the lawyer commented. "Any sexual interaction with Mr. Brown has already been entirely consensual."

Brown formally signed with the New England Patriots monday late after being released by the Oakland Raiders appropriate days prior to transferring a heated discussion with total workforce manager Mike Mayock.

The Patriots did not immediately respond to a request for more NBC Files records.


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