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An hour-old girl in Atlanta was found abandoned on a stranger's balcony, police said. The newborn was found crying and wrapped in a white blanket outside a house around 1:30 pm on Tuesday, officials said. to the hospital and said to be "in good health and had no signs …

Atlanta nature girl finds primitive child hours abandoned on her porch


A primitive one-hour girl in Atlanta, turned abandoned on a stranger's balcony, police acknowledged.

The only child turned into a chance to cry and wrapped in a white blanket launches a room around 1:30 pm on Tuesday, according to authorities.

The modified child was taken to the health center and modified to be recognized as "in good health and had no indicators of injury," police spokesman Anthony Grant acknowledged.

Freida Burston told NBC affiliate WXIA In Atlanta, she usually sleeps at night, but that morning she woke up to get a glass of water when she heard a child crying.

"God woke me up and acknowledged, 'Go ahead,'" she told the agency. "So that's how I went ahead and noticed the child crying."

Burston acknowledged that the umbilical cord had been modified to get stuck, and a rescuer placed it on the living room sofa before taking the child away.

The police video digicam, released by the authorities, confirmed a policeman talking to two emergency medical technicians because the child cried in the background. Certainly, one of many rescuers told the policeman that the child's girl gave the effect the highest productivity for 5 hours.

Authorities refused to open data from the child's mother. Burston told WXIA that she would represent the child if staff were no longer chosen.

Police recognized the Georgia Department of Home and Child Service Providers and the products were notified of the incident. The company returned, by hook or bandit, search record data for comment.

Under the Safe Haven laws of the pleadings, mothers will not face legal charges when they bring the child with a worker to an articulated police station, fireplace room or health center within 30 days of childbirth. The mother can also live without a name.

Nature Picture: Minyvonne BurkeMinyvonne burke

Minyvonne Burke is a news reporter for NBC News.

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Atlanta girl finds early hours abandoned child on her porch

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