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The Seattle girl accused of break into Capital One Financial's cloud and the theft of private registry data on more than 100 million individuals broke into servers from more than 30 varied companies, and the US acknowledged in an interrogation that it would be arrested.

Paige A. Thompson, who turned her attention-grabbing month, has a previous history of unhealthy behavior that works by threatening to kill others and commit "police suicide," prosecutors acknowledged in a filing Tuesday in Seattle. It's the biggest time the US has recognized how many varied companies might even like to focus.

“Thompson's crime in this case – well-known cyber intrusions that resulted in theft of large chunks of record data from what now appears to be more than 30 suffering companies – aggravates Thompson's demolition, and the threat it would pose. released, "the US acknowledged.

Prosecutors have identified none of more than a few companies whose registration data changed shortly after allegedly breached by Thompson.

"Even assuming that now all these intrusions about data theft from non-public records are no longer, it seems likely that a different intrusion has occurred," officials acknowledged. The US seized “a couple of terabytes” of stolen registry data from companies, tutorial institutions, and miscellaneous entities in line with the filing.

Earlier this month, authorities said Thompson had the threatened to film an unnamed California social media company.

Thompson's attorney Christopher Sanders, a federal public defender, did not immediately respond to an interrogation to find out.

Capital One acknowledged that it is now presumed that stolen log data is no longer so foreign to fraud or scattered to a variety of people.

The US has acknowledged that it does not leverage registry data to contradict Thompson's claim that it did not promote registry data and that it does not take advantage of another replica of hidden registry data. So, once again, if Thompson is released and he or she takes another hidden replica, it may perhaps "promote or disclose," officials acknowledged.

"Although she is no longer happy with another replica, Thompson's formulation of technical sophistication, perhaps she may have committed extra cyber intrusions, probably causing extra tons of thousands and thousands of dollars of demolition," the US acknowledged.

The US also notoriously noted that Thompson's roommate Park Quan changed shortly thereafter with what federal brokers described as an “arsenal of weapons, ammunition and explosive field, largely unprotected and accessible to their housemates, alongside Thompson ”. Quan is a convicted felon and brokers seized 14 firearms, along with assault rifles and a sniper rifle, in line with the filing.

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