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AN Texas The dying prisoner used to be hit on Wednesday by the lethal stab of a conventional 89-year-old girl and her 71-year-old conventional daughter after breaking into her home at Fort Rate under the guise of working a little for them for over 16 years.

Billy Jack Crutsinger, 64, received a lethal injection Wednesday night at the Huntsville train jail for the killings of Pearl Magouirk and his daughter Patricia Syren in 2003. In a final four-minute remark, Crutsinger thanked three friends who witnessed the execution.

"I am at peace now and ready to go and be with Jesus and my family," said Crutsinger.

Then, when the lethal dose of pentobarbital began, he mentioned that maybe he could presumably, by chance, additionally actually feel “in my left arm. It is a way of burning. "

Crutsinger then began to cough and breathe heavily and then made snoring noises lessen 29 times earlier than he stopped transferring.

At 18: 40h CT – 13 minutes after the start of the lethal dose – Crutsinger used to be pronounced boring.

Investigators mentioned that Crutsinger killed the two women and stole Syren's credit card and car. Police arrested Crutsinger three days later at a bar in Galveston, more than 300 miles away.

Michele Hartmann, even handed over one of many prosecutors with the revelation of the employment of the Tarrant County criminal district attorney who condemned Crutsinger, told jurors that Crutsinger's actions had nothing to do with alcohol, but had been the live results of "fallacious".

Family and friends described Magouirk, identified as "R.D.", as an avid gardener. Syren volunteered as a receptionist in his church. All the women had retired and lived collectively.


Crutsinger was "rising significantly from his adult existence," including three failed marriages and a propensity for violence when he drank, accompanying a document from a forensic psychologist employed by his lawyers.

In the months leading up to the murders, Crutsinger became homeless and became increasingly desperate after his wife expelled him from home and his mother, who had enabled his habits, stopped serving him, following the document.

When Crutsinger realized that Magouirk and Syren did not enjoy enough work to offer him significant financial relief, he was furious with alcohol, as mentioned in the document.

"All his awakening at being left to defend himself and having his security catch taken from him used to be thrown at the victims," ​​in keeping with the document.

Crutsinger used to be the 14th inmate destined to die this year in the US and the fifth in Texas, the nation's busiest capital punishment train. Ten extra executions have been scheduled in Texas for this year.

Billy Jack Crutsinger was executed on Wednesday for the murders of a woman and her daughter. (Texas Department of Criminal Justice via AP, Archive)

Billy Jack Crutsinger used to be performed on Wednesday for the murders of a girl and her daughter. (Texas Department of Criminal Justice through AP, file)

No relatives of Magouirk and Syren witnessed the execution. Crutsinger now did not mention the two ladies at some level of his final remark.

“The defendant stabbed two old ladies to death in his home. They provided you with a likelihood at the proper job. The loss of mother and daughter Pearl Magouirk and Pat Syren is peaceful, deeply felt by the family and the Fort Rate neighborhood. Our sympathy and thoughts remain with them – Hartmann mentioned in one remark.

The US Supreme Court report declined a questionnaire from Crutsinger's attorney to prevent execution. The lawyer argued that Crutsinger's former lawyer had a long history of incompetent work on death penalty terms.

“The jury heard nothing from the defense that offered insight into the disease of alcoholism in terms of offensive habits,” including issues such as “history of violence and domestic abuse and repeated losses of close family and friends,” Lydia Brandt, The current lawyer. of Crutsinger, wrote in it even delivered one of his petitions to the Supreme Court.

In addition, Brandt argued that the lower courts had wrongly denied Crutsinger funding to provide an overview of competencies and mentalities, claims that had not been sufficiently reviewed by previous lawyers.

The lower appellate courts and the Texas Council of Forgiveness and Parole also refused to prevent execution.

The investigators mentioned that DNA evidence linked Crutsinger to the murders and he confessed.

Brandt described Crutsinger's former attorney, Richard Alley, as a "big bill processor" who dubbed and pasted beautiful "nugatory" arguments from other conditions and used to be removed from the case of another dying client and suspended from federal court training.

Brandt claimed that Alley did the same poor work under no less than six other dying penalty conditions. Four of these prisoners had been hit. An arrested and dying Bobby Woods lawyer also alleged Alley's incompetent work before Woods was reached in 2009.

In 2006, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Court removed Alley from its list of eligible lawyers to portray dying prisoners in their appeals. Alley died in 2017.


"I get as productive as I can supposedly under all these conditions," Alley told Austin American-Statesman in a 2006 epic that used to be the phase of a sequence that looked like the unpleasant work of court-appointed lawyers on punishment appeals. death. conditions.

The revelation of Texas Lawyer Current's work, known as Crutsinger's allegations against his "speculative" Alley, had identified no hint that Alley should have fun, but now he hasn't. The lawyer's accepted office additionally mentioned that Crutsinger's case has a "broad overview" at some level of its appeal activity.

Shannon Bream of Fox News and the Associated Press contributed to this document.


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