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Original York Edition Genuine and frequent Letitia James, launched on Friday, is the main investigation into whether or not Fb is collaborating on habits that have unfairly deprived its users and stifled opponents.

James is being followed up on the investigation by longtime attorneys from Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and the District of Columbia.

“Even the largest social media platform on the planet needs to comply with the laws and appreciate the customers. I am proud to be the long-standing mainstream coalition of bipartisan lawyers investigating whether or not the FB has stifled opponents and arrested at-risk users, ”James told a news conference. Note. "We are able to exhaust all the investigative tools at our disposal to decide whether or not Fb's actions may have endangered user files, lower the standard of customer choice or raise the marketing branding."

The investigation is as appropriate as a separate antitrust investigation by the Federal Trade Charge, which the FB released in July. The existence of this federal antitrust investigation used to be confirmed the same day the company was hit by a Magnificent $ 5 Billion by Federal Trade Charge for Breaking a Previous Promise to no longer use user files.

An Fb spokesman did not immediately respond to a questionnaire for observation of Fortune. However, CEO Put Zuckerberg and his fellow executives previously deny that the company has had unfair profits and that it will be more than apparently hurt, despite calls from some Democrats, including presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, to stop the company. In addition, Fb executives acknowledged that all of Fb's suppliers had started air opponents.

Fb shares fell 2.2% on Friday morning after James's announcement. However, the company's stock has a history of resilience despite its problems. The day the Magnificent $ 5 billion Because privacy violations – the largest in FTC history – used to be launched, Fb's stock has increased.

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