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The Republican occasion represents the free market and individual freedom, that is, its platform states. However, it seems that every individual goes out the window when Republicans exercise the White House and will undoubtedly be found in a call to give in to the media and ban things they don't like.

In the most up-to-date example, President Trump and his government support determined The gigantic government is serious about countering the gigantic risk posed by: flavored electronic cigarettes. Right, indeed.

At a meeting on Wednesday, along with Effectively Being's Secretary of Business and Human Services, Alex Azar, Trump announced his government's notion of directly stopping all gross sales of flavored e-cigarettes through the Administration Act. of Medicines and Meals. Talking with journalists, Trump recognized, “It is not the most practical (vaping) a general endeavor, however, in fact, particularly with admiration for teenagers. We would have to live a very, very powerful thing about it. "

President Trump: “We have a venture in our country. It is a recent environment. It is a venture that no person actually considered too vital just a few years ago and is called vaping, especially vaping because it refers to harmless teens. "

– CSPAN (@cspan)
September 11, 2019

I stunning announced with @POTUS and @FDACommissioner that we will finalize policies that can determine flavored electronic cigarettes in the market. Current provisional records show that youth exercises continue to rise like a flash, and we will not be idle.

– Secretary Alex Azar (@SecAzar)
September 11, 2019

This is the best account idiocy, responding to a fraudulent media crisis.

The Trump administration cave comes after sustained media pressure in recent weeks, trying to wish only a few isolated but related incidents to push the fraudulent story that electronic cigarettes pose a public health risk. O media history fascinated the deaths of six of us who were killed by vaping-related lung disease. Compared to these six deaths, a moderate of 480,000 of us die as soon as a year from the extinct cigarette, and about 88,000 die in alcohol-related deaths.

Even so, the Trump government's response is not smart now. In numerous deaths that the media has covered, users consumed shaded commodity market.

So are we cracking down on legally sold goods at the risk of illegally sold goods?

CauseKatherine Mangu-Ward successfully summed up:

My God. The gross stupidity of this logic:
1) Shaded market vape cartridges manufactured from us with health issues, so
2) Let's approve several guidelines for inserting accepted extra forms of vape cartridges into this identical shaded market.
3) Lives could perhaps be saved!
Wait, no. This did not work. Argh.

– Katherine Mangu-Ward (@kmanguward)
September 11, 2019

The law, however, certainly has a pointed mark. The ban on e-cigarette flavors could, understandably, sound like no gigantic deal at first glance. But these flavors have helped adults who smoke a lot of extinct cigarettes in their efforts to ward off old-fashioned and old-fashioned tobacco goods. Prohibition of flavors could possibly lead us to illicit sources.

Because e-cigarette merchandise has nicotine, although it no longer has tar and other carcinogens, it makes a much larger difference than old-fashioned cigarettes. Genuinely, a miniature bit analysis bear found that electronic cigarettes 95% much less depraved than extinct cigarettes.


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