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On Monday and Tuesday, protesters in Hong Kong led one of the country's busiest airports to a quake, landing nearly 600 flights and costing local aviation. estimated $ 76 million.

In an announcement Wednesday morning, the Airport Authority announced that it had purchased an injunction from a court to “prevent people from obstructing or unlawfully and intentionally interfering with the legal use of Hong Kong International Airport.” An extra peek On the airport web site Online reported that flights have resumed but may even be rescheduled.

On Wednesday, protesters, who are not allowed to enter the airport but who work within a chosen field, returned to the scene. Some brought posters apologizing for the interruption and violence brought in the day before. 1 read“We were desperate and made irascible choices. Please accept our apology.

The business What happened?

The nature of the airport protests this week represents a three-day climb to a seat this past weekend. The occupation of an entire group of protesters was carried out with little incident and flights inside and outside persisted to operate as traditional. However, Sunday's demonstrations elsewhere in Hong Kong turned violent when protesters clashed with police.

A young woman was taken to a sanatorium with severe agreement to the damage – and was to be permanently blinded – after being allegedly hit in the head by a police-fired bean-gain spherical. Outraged protesters have decided to step up assistance at Hong Kong airport on Monday – many of them using "blood" agree with the patches – to verbalize police use of force.

At 4 pm on Monday, the airport authority canceled all final flights. On Tuesday, after flights resumed, protesters returned to the airport, where they boarded the trolleys to barricade their former security and customs style, pressed the check-in counters to stop and actively restricted passengers trying to arrive. to flights.

Later in the day, small crowds of protesters twice arrested others suspected of being Beijing agents. The males were fighting with armbands and interrogated by a swarm of offended protesters that prevented paramedics from offering care. Each and every victim was taken in an ambulance. Hu Xijin, China's Fading Editor The World Times, later recognized one of the males as a World times news reporter.

The airport authority landed the flights again in the middle of the afternoon, but the protesters continued to pace until after the tiring night they got up when the police arrived to disperse them. A policeman drew his gun while a community of protesters beat him against a wall, grabbed his nightstick and began to beat him with it.

The business What is the precipitation?

In step with switch replace analyst ForwardKeys, book flights from Asia to Hong Kong fell 20% in the eight weeks until August 9th. Following this week's interruption, a company spokesman said ForwardKeysis "is now not optimistic about reporting a recovery in the near future."

Hong Kong's economic system is facing a downward turmoil, including protests, as well as the US-China trade war. Hong Kong's Dangle Seng Index, which shows the metropolis' most compelling companies, fell 11 percent as the month opened and Monday reached its lowest level since January. The forecast drop in tourism will further depreciate retail sales, which fell 6.7% in July.

"This economic recession is terribly flash-like, and someone else delights in describing it as a tsunami," Hong Kong chief Carrie Lam said on Friday, warning that the industrial consequences of the protests would be worse than from Hong Kong. sometime during the 2003 SARS epidemic or the global financial crisis. However, Lam is probably trying to put tension on protesters to give up.

"There was a negative quarterly protest in the second quarter and I'm predicting another in the third quarter, so this is technically a recession," says Tommy Wu, senior economist at Oxford Economics in Hong Kong. "In that sense, right, we haven't seen a technical recession because [the global financial crisis], however, is more powerful," says Wu, noting that the quarterly contraction is closer to 0.6%. .

A greater possibility for Hong Kong is whether Beijing's response to the protests prevents world industry from investing in Hong Kong. Wednesday morning, Hong Kong and Macau, the company's self-discipline condemned Tuesday night's violence as “terrorist advance"Behavior. It is an unexpected twist in rhetoric, prompting fears that Beijing is seeking an offensive against Hong Kong.

"If we drifted to that time, the topic would change without fading in sight, and Hong Kong wouldn't be Hong Kong, as we are aware of it, ”says Jimmy China, professor of economics at the Chinese language college. "It would not be easy to undo this difficulty, and my mediation is a bridge that no one, including the central government in Beijing, needs to contaminate."

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