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Revealed 9:50 AM EDT September 12, 2019

The Waft Guard issued a California post-fire safety report that killed 34 of us, recommending that commercial vessel operators limit unsupervised charging of cell phones and various electronics.

A preliminary Labor Day fire file that accidentally destroyed the idea closed to Santa Cruz would be released as quickly as Thursday, the National Transport Safety Council said. The reason for the fireplace, apparently, seems honest, is no longer addressed, but NTSB contributors said the way batteries and electronics were saved and charged on the boat was being examined.

The Waft Guard said it convened a Navy Investigation Board to resolve the cause of the fire. However, the report illustrates that he should no longer sleep over the board's conclusions before taking "immediate and specific" action.

"In some cases, our surfboards title pressing safety points associated with vessel stability, engine room or rescue and fire fighting tools," said Captain Jason Neubauer, chairman of the Navy Research Council. "In such cases, we agonize over security alerts or bulletins."

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Suggestions included ensuring that all necessary firefighting and safety tools are in the boat and operational, that emergency escapes are clearly recognizable and intentional, and that crew members perform their duties.

In addition, boat operators may have “easy-to-cut fire hazards” and come up with suggestions that limit unattended charging of lithium-ion batteries and the huge use of power strips and extension cords, ”he said. report card.

Waft Guard Investigation Ombudsman, the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are supporting a legal investigation by the Justice Division, Coat Guard said.

Dan Salas, CEO and owner of Harbor Plug Cruises in Long Seaside, California, told Los Angeles Instances that the Waft Guard's carefully guarded firefighting tools and emergency rescue entry on its seven ships during annual inspections. security this week. fully supports Waft Guard's efforts.

A total of 39 of us were on board the boat for a vacation weekend diving expedition. The conception was anchored when the fireplace began overnight. 5 crew members on deck fled and were rescued. The victims, aged 16 to 62, appear to die of smoke inhalation, officials said.

Divers encountered the body of the final sufferer on Wednesday.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said the sleeping compartment was on the back deck of the ship and that passengers were apparently sleeping when the fireplace started.

"It just happens to be the worst case of anguish you can seem to have," Brown said that day. "Perhaps you are honest in owning a ship that is at sea of ​​departure in the middle of the night. Fire is the scourge of any ship…. You could not interrogate for worse agony."

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