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WASHINGTON – A community of 145 CEOs from one of America's top corporations sent a letter to senators eager to keep stronger weapons on guard against criminal guidelines, calling firearm violence “a public crisis that urgently requires urgency. action."

The letter, signed by Uber executive executives Levi Strauss & Co., Twitter and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., between completely different companies, urges Congress to postpone background testing and "red flag" criminal guidelines, laws that They may well allow the law to apply immediately to the use of weapons, away from persons deemed dangerous to themselves or others.

"We are writing to you because we are now taking responsibility to protect our workers, clients and all US citizens in the communities we serve throughout the country. Doing nothing about the US crisis of armed violence is just unacceptable and is a way to confront the American public about gun safety, "the letter, dated Thursday and first reported by The New York Times, he stated.

“Armed violence in the United States is no longer inevitable; It is preventable. There are measures that Congress can and should take to prevent and reduce assisted armed violence. We need our lawmakers to enforce criminal guidelines related to the use of common sense weapons that can prevent tragedies from taking care of them, ”he said.

The letter comes a day after Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., Senator Joe Manchin, D-W.Va. And Senator Pat Toomey, R-Pa., advocated by more rigorous background testing for the duration of a phone call with President Donald Trump and his staff.

Trump is due to be informed on Thursday of possible gun-holding measures and may be able to build up a resolution quickly after the payments he would harden, a credible government said.

Senators in Wednesday's liaison with Trump said they were inspired by the dialogue.

"I want to be obvious, the president has not made a commitment to harden any state invoice or anything in the state, but it has brought a curiosity into doing something important, and something that we would be in a place to contain that may well," suggested Toomey. to journalists on Wednesday.

The letter follows a series of contemporary mass shootings throughout the country, coupled with massacres in El paso and west Texasand Dayton, ohio.

The CEOs asked the Republican-controlled Senate to train the House of Representatives leadership in approving a measure to update the background take a look at the machine that Congress established 25 years ago. The bill, passed at the Democratic-run house in February, would require federal background checks for all gross sales and transfers of firearms.

The letter also used to be signed by Airbnb CEOs Gap Inc. and the Nextdoor social community, but it lacked completely different essential giant technology companies, in conjunction with Fb and Google.

It happens a little more a week, after another company joined the game and kept an eye on the debate: On September 3, Walmart announced It would no longer promote obsolete ammunition in overcapacity magazines and military-style guns, and would ask its customers not to carry guns openly in stores, even in states where it is authorized.

The announcement came after El Paso last month took photos, killing 22 people at a Walmart and a nearby mall.

Frank Thorp V reported from Washington, Elizabeth Chuck reported from New York.


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