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Storm Dorian's predominant rain streaks hit Daniel Island, SC at 8:53 am ET. They were heavy, but nothing that the suburb of Charleston is not old. Later tonight, the narrative might be very different.

Storm Dorian is peaceful as a true Saffir-Simpson Class 2 storm and, having decimated the Bahamas and shaved the east of Florida, is working his technique in the north. The National Storm Center, in your 11:00 ET replace, acknowledged that sustained storm winds are now at 105 mph.

While Dorian is much weaker than the 185 mph wind, once sustained, it continues to grow in size. Now the storm winds extend 70 miles from the storm's glimpse and the tropical storm winds extend out to 175 miles. Miles are expected to preserve your Class 2 reputation on the minimum Friday.

Dorian seems to be bypassing the east ferry, sparing a delivery impact, but it is certainly closed that a limited change within the storm can also dramatically replace the stipulations. A north turn is expected tonight, with a north east turn on Thursday. This can make it closed to South Carolina or North Carolina on Thursday or Friday.

South Carolina residents were urged to question unhurried tropical storm winds tonight for much of Thursday. Rain amounts can also exceed 10 inches, with coastal areas receiving extra rain and high wind speeds. And the storms are a rising train. Charleston forecasters are ready to receive tides of more than 10 rations at 1 am Thursday morning. (Major flooding occurs at 8 fingers).

As for the opposing tropical events in the Atlantic, they do not seem prepared to have an impact on the United States today. Tropical storm Fernand will arrive in Mexico this weekend. And tropical storm Gabrielle is no longer considered a possibility to land today, but forecasters will continue to display the screen.

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