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Crew members aboard the rocking thought told investigators that the hearth that swept the ship became too intense to connect any of the passengers.
pinned underneath, the National Transportation Safety Board's first price to The Times.

"What is emerging from the interviews is a harrowing myth of a few outdated minutes before the boat went up in flames," acknowledged NTSB member Jennifer Homendy, who oversees the company's investigation into the worst maritime conditions.
catastrophe in previous California's historic pattern. "They thought they had done what they had done well and in fact had tremendously criticized the discipline."

The interviews offer the clearest sense at this level of what was modified to steal once to be aboard the boat when it caught fire and the procedure that the crew contributed on the bridge deck managed to escape. But they do not solve one of the investigators' top questions, including how the fireplace started and whether the ship's safety protocols were adequate.

All 33 passengers, who signed up for a three-day dive bus aboard the boat, and a crew member who slept soundly under the deck died inside the fireplace.

Homendy acknowledged that there was no longer even at least one crew member who had turned in once she woke up and left her bunk and, on some level, jumped on the look with her other crew collaborators trying to rescue passengers.

business boat fire

Boat fire on Santa Cruz Island seen damaged on Monday

(Boat Fire on Santa Cruz Island)

"The space of the crowd turned into a once engulfed in flames," he told investigators. "They tried to enter through the double doors, however, they could not be attributed to the flames. They tried to repatriate the kitchen entrance through the windows of the house, yet the windows would not open.

At some level attributable to the heat, smoke, and fire they had jumped off the boat. One of the many crew members jumped out of the boat and broke his leg. Two crew members swam
help pick it up, bought it and got the crew to solve them on the first samaritan price ship.

They contacted authorities and "returned to the ship to find survivors," Homendy acknowledged.

The crew member who at the time of delivery heard the noise rose to look at the aspect. He looked down and the flames swayed rising.

He tried to employ the ladder, "however, the ladder once turned into flames," Homendy acknowledged. "They could not introduce themselves."

Representative hatch and door swing blocked by flames.

“It impressed me tremendously with how limited it was once modified and the delicate procedure in which it was once modified to be admitted, she acknowledged regarding the representative's hatch. "I couldn't see us at my entrance."

What did the important crew member see?

"He didn't hear any seizures of smoke, he didn't feel smoke, yet he saw flames when he considered," she acknowledged. "They didn't hear the rest."

She described the seizure of smoke on the ship as one that could also be sold at House Depot.
She recognized the Imaginative and prescient – a ship she visited on Wednesday that is surprisingly related to Thought –
In addition, it had a seizure of smoke, however, is no longer connected to a centralized machine with alarms.

The NTSB has questions about wiring and electrical systems, she acknowledged. Modified alternative imaging equipment and extra batteries on board.

“Did that offer the ignition? But we are no longer approaching that, "he acknowledged." We are no longer discarding the rest at this level. "

The company is quietly reviewing records. The older boat had alternate fire patterns.
attributable to her age, when in contrast to more new vessels, she recognized.

Homendy acknowledged that the boat had turned into a capacity that was no longer bulky and could also accommodate more passengers. The company wants to know if "there are new safety standards to make it clear that this would not happen again, but all over again."

"I undoubtedly have concerns about the ability of these passengers to be ready to evacuate over the length of a fireplace," she said.

She acknowledged that the investigators silently wanted to accuse two crew members.

Homendy acknowledged that a crew member must be shopping for dangers.

"There is a requirement on their certificate to hang a night watchman," she acknowledged.


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