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INTERNATIONAL FALLS, Minn. – An obscure blow killed a girl from Minnesota on an isolated island in Canadian waters in an attack that experts call extraordinarily rare.

Catherine Sweatt-Mueller, 62, from Maple Undeniable, moved as soon as she was staying with others in a far-away cabin on Red Pine Island, in Rainy Lake, when she moved as soon as she was killed, the provincial police said. Ontario

Officer Jim Davis talked about Sweatt-Mueller leaving on Sunday night when he heard his two dogs barking, but she never came back, the Superstar Tribune said.

The dogs, one in each wounded, returned to the cabin. In addition, his other 80-year-old parents were on the island and his mother, known as the police, Davis spoke. The cops came across a grip on Sweatt-Mueller's body and shot the animal.

Davis asked the Associated Press on Wednesday that he could no longer claim what motivated the attack. While in most cases authorities deal with complaints about bears rooting for trash during the summer season, he said there were no comments of bears attacking other people.

"The house is obviously very devastated," Davis said. “The police officers on the scene were very devastated to follow the guidelines. We will no longer consider that an attack attacked a particular person. "

The seizure is being dispatched for testing at the University of Guelph, and a necropsy – a mortem-placed animal – will be performed to help resolve if there is any bodily reason for the strange conduct of the seizure, Maimoona Dinani, Ministry of Media Relatives Officer of Ontario Natural Resources and Forests, mentioned in an ad. No one witnessed the attack, Dinani said.

"Assaults of this nature are extraordinarily rare, and our hearts go out to the sufferer's house and company," Dinani said. The last lethal grapple attack in Ontario was modified in 2005.

Minnesota wildlife biologist Andy Tri says a predatory attack by obscure domain is "beyond extraordinarily rare."

On average, a lethal attack by an obscure domain occurs about three hundred and sixty-five days across the northern United States. We talk about Dave Garshelis, a scientist who learns mastery of the Minnesota Department of Natural Sources. The deadly attacks of the grizzly bear's extra-aggressive grip, which has a narrower fluctuation than the obscure grip, occur about twice at three hundred and sixty-five days in the northern United States, Garshelis said.

Cloudy bears tend to be afraid of other people, Garshelis said. "They are very aggressive bears," he said. "As you formulate an obscure grip carefully, in most cases they will notice it and rush off."

But bears can become aggressive toward dogs and may well be paid after a dog changes as soon as it is paced by its owner, Garshelis said. The dog comes to serve its owner with his hand behind him, he said.

Red Pine Island is ready 16 km northeast of World Falls, Minnesota. Davis talked about the island belonging to Sweatt-Mueller's house, which are the occupants completely, and is fully accessible by boat, a 20-minute to half-hour ride.


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