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On Tuesday, Democrats criticized President Donald Trump for his response to current unrest in Hong Kong. protesters clashed with police in equipment to get up at the largest airport terminal in the metropolis.

Asked by a reporter if the Chinese perhaps, perhaps well, perhaps, were serene, narrated the contention against the protesters, Trump said, “The Hong Kong thing is an extraordinarily complex anguish. We will witness what happens. But I'm sure it will work. I hope it works for everyone, including China, for the skill. Hope it works for everyone. "

It's also known as "an extraordinarily complex anguish. I feel it will work. And I hope it works for freedom. I hope it works for everyone, including China. I hope it works peacefully. I'm hoping no one will go away." I hope no one gets killed.

To receive. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., Twittou: “These answers tell us that Trump can't refer to the anguish in Hong Kong and doesn't care. He sounds cult he received cool known as focus on homework that he didn't manufacture. The commander in chief of the United States is sleeping at the wheel and the whole world is worse because of it. ”

The feedback – which Trump made on his way to a speech in Pennsylvania – came after he tweeted that: “Intelligence has taught us that the Chinese government is shifting troops to the Hong Kong border. All people, maybe maybe well, maybe, are serene and true! "

Connecticut Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy spoke with a line on Twitter, announcing that "this is no longer foreign policy."

"Or it is no longer difficult to overstate the importance of strengthening or supporting the US for the work of human rights and democracy activists abroad," said Murphy. "Or is it not harder to overstate how devastating it is a long way after they think everyone speaks of these" American "values ​​and the United States is silent."

Protesters gathered in the streets for months, pushing aid against what they dismay in all the repression of their freedoms by the People's Republic of China.

Republicans and Democrats come together with the help of protesters, with much stronger statements than the president.

“The people of Hong Kong are bravely facing the Chinese Communist Party as Beijing tries to invade their autonomy and freedom. Any violent repression might perhaps be totally unacceptable. As, in fact, Montei said in the Senate floor: The world is looking, ”said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. tweeted on monday.

Republican leaders have not criticized the president's response, however, some Democrats have said Trump is sending an inappropriate message to the rest of the environment.

"Well, he's done it about himself," South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg advised MSNBC on Tuesday. “And he's on Twitter when he could possibly be well, maybe serene, probably be in the Environment Room, trying to figure out how perhaps the US might well, in some skill, be an effective announcement of stability and de-escalation there earlier than that's it. in an excellent regional security scenario bigger and sooner than the people who stand up for their real values ​​how we would ever grieve. "

“Protesters in Hong Kong are defending the elementary rights they were promised a long time ago. Maybe the world may well be calm and condemn China's aggression, even assuming our president failed, ”tweeted Montana Governor Steve Bullock. “I'm with the old people from Hong Kong as they are trying for their freedom.


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