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TPG Capital is making its best pass in the field of acquisition by acquiring the development company CollabNet VersionOne from the personal capital company Vector Capital, Fortune found.

Although the transaction's monetary phrases have not been disclosed, TPG is acquiring a majority stake in CollabNet and plans to make investments of up to $ 500 million in capital to make it a flagship integrated development platform, meeting the needs of the companies' plot. .

"We firmly believe that over the next 10 years or so, through digital transformation, which historically were non-technological companies, will all become plot companies in some form or form," said TPG fellow Nehal Raj. Fortune. "All Americans want to promulgate this to be aggressive, and these companies need a plan that allows them to write and organize the code with a more popular intention."

However, at the moment, the market that meets these needs is "extremely fragmented," according to Raj, with companies under pressure to tackle a plethora of distributors through a variety of plotting solutions. Raj infamous that the non-public company has spent “the last 24 to 36 months” researching alternatives within the dev-ops market and has found a trade ready for consolidation.

To this end, TPG has earmarked half a billion dollars for the renovation of Alpabetta, Georgia, wholly owned by CollabNet, into a one-stop vendor to undertake customer storyline initiatives – a “discontinue to discontinue platform” That would provide a switch to buy several lots from lots of varied distributors, Raj stated.

The key to this will be the acquisition of many plot companies that complement CollabNet's choices. Although Raj runs TPG's plot and makes investments in know-how, the CollabNet deal is being made through the $ 14 billion buyout fund of the non-publicly traded company – which he infamously provides TPG's huge equity with. which should follow your project developer consolidation strategy. "What is serious for us is the use of this as an acquisition platform and the acquisition of attention-grabbing companies and we add them to existing solutions that may already be here," he said.

For CollabNet, TPG's support providers are different to scale the company and reach "another level," said CEO Flint Brenton. Fortune. Brenton described his company's partnership with Vector Capital – which acquired CollabNet in January 2014 in a deal that valued the company at $ 36 million, according to the PitchBook archives – as "very valuable."

However, he added that he has been "actually buying the mate for some time" to encourage the used company within 20 and 12 months after its modern scope of 1,200 venture opportunities positioned largely in the US and Europe. "We have a truly correct match, and our different scale has dramatically increased with this partnership," said Brenton.

Vector Capital representatives no longer returned the search files for comment.

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