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PARIS (Reuters) – Rooster Maurice may hold the corner, a French court dominated on Thursday, because he has rejected a complaint from neighbors who have sued for noise.

Maurice's case and several other lawsuits against the sound of church bells, rattles, cicadas, and the pungent smells of farms have sparked a couple of debates across the country over the approach to providing protection to the rural tradition from the invasion of expectations that They are related to metropolis areas.

Maurice's owner Corinne Fesseau will apparently be ready to catch the rooster on the small island of Oleron near the Atlantic javelin in France, the court ruled.

His criminal expert, Julien Papineau, urged the Associated Press that Fesseau “is happy. She cried when I installed her in the court decision.

Maurice's morning corner is exasperating the neighbors of Fesseau, a retired couple who moved to the island two years ago. They asked the court to manufacture the animal pass further, or shut up.

As a substitute, the option within the southwestern metropolis of Rochefort ordered them to pay 1,000 euros ($ 1,005) in damages to Fesseau for reputation damage, as well as lawsuit prices.

Moreover, their case backfired within the register of public notion, at least within the community. More than 120,000 people signed a petition asking the authorities to proceed with Maurice alone – and a “breeding committee” made up of roosters and chickens across the corner improved its owner throughout the trial in July.

"The field is alive and making noise – and then it builds roosters," said one.

The ruling could perhaps mean the right news for a geese community within the singing Landes in southwestern France, where a trial is underway between farmers and neighbors outraged by charlatans and the smell of creatures.

Authorities additionally dominated residents of a village in the French Alps who complained in 2017 about cow bells, and an effort last year to expel cicadas from a southern metropolis to provide tourists with protection from their summer music also failed.

Since Maurice's story came to light, some French lawmakers have called for a regulation defending the sounds and smells of the countryside as part of France's rural heritage.


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