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Some Google workers known as in The company publicly promises to stop working with US immigration authorities, who recognize they are abusing human rights.

The US Customs and Border Protection Fair is no longer so old in the past that it once became trying to find proposals from companies to supply cloud computing products and suppliers. Google is one leading cloud provider. Activists and politicians accuse the company of human rights violations alongside the border with mexico. The company has separated children from their families and is detaining migrants indefinitely.

Google employees, who on Wednesday acknowledged signing a petition with 70 employee signatures, want the company to commit to no longer bidding on the contract, refusing to work on US Immigration and Customs initiatives, and the United States. workplace. Resettlement of refugees. Customs and Border Protection spokespersons and Google have not directly returned requests for comments.

"We advise that Google no longer commits to hardening CBP, ICE or ORR with any infrastructure, financing or engineering resources, directly or indirectly, until they stop appealing in human rights violations," the protesters wrote. “By any interpretation, the CBP and ICE are in serious violation of world human rights law.”

Google employees supported more than one public campaign to shape company habits over the past two years. A major shutdown, which ended 365 days, eventually prompted the company to halt its preparation for workers to print their right to raise claims against her in a lawsuit. Google also did not renew a contract to provide the US militia with artificial intelligence skills after worker outrage.

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