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HONG KONG – Protesters in Hong Kong apologize to tourists who missed their flights hundreds of protesters stormed the metropolis world airport and clashed with the police.

Airways was trying to ensure more than 200 flights accumulated as the same outdated suppliers and products resumed.

"It is not our plan to delay your travel delays and we will no longer be content with the distress situation for you," commented one community of protesters in a remark posted on a Telegram channel. "We ask for your work and forgiveness as formative years in Hong Kong continue to fight for freedom and democracy."

They also said they regretted that some protesters became "without agitated and exaggerated considerations."

For the duration of the appealing mass crowds that fill the airport departure halls, a few dozen protesters would be seen holding indicators with messages of apology to vacationers and even approaching vacationers with real remorse in my concept.

"Sorry! We get together no longer enjoy differently different" and "Sorry for the anguish, HK is sick" among the indicators of the study.

Eminent Democratic activist Joshua Wong became one who shared photos of protesters bowing in regret.

【Sorry for the anguish. HK is sick.

1. We sincerely rapt to remorse over all the anguish caused by the restful demonstration at HK World Airport. pic.twitter.com/jduMrjBh4I

– Joshua Wong 黃 之 鋒 (@joshuawongcf) August 14, 2019

On Tuesday, protesters clashed with police in riot gear and armed with pepper spray, arguably one of the arena's many busiest airports.

Video confirmed officers trying to protect themselves from the crowd because protesters were shouting. It wasn't long before the quarrel began, many of the protesters had left the airport and the police had withdrawn relief.

Many protesters were arrested for the duration of the difference. The Hong Kong police unit spoke in a tweet that at least one particular person was injured and demanded immediate scientific attention, but protesters blocked the ambulance's entrance.

Two of us were held captive one by one by protesters on Tuesday, alleging they had been spies.

On Wednesday, the airport authority talked about this may perhaps by chance ban entry to the terminal buildings for us with more efficient air tickets within 24 hours. In addition, the authority received an injunction filed by the courts to contain protesters that hinder or interfere with work and transportation.

"The anguish is nothing," said 35-year-old Tim Sze, a Hong Kong resident, who advised NBC Recordsdata to reschedule his flight. “I mediate they are genuinely brave. … Our government has notorious injustice, so they settle for relief. "

Pro-democracy protesters block entry to airport terminals after a fight with police at Hong Kong airport on Tuesday.Manan Vatsyayana / AFP – Getty Images

Hong Kong Record started in june as a restful retaliation for a controversial extradition bill but turned into increasingly violent protests, demanding greater democratic freedoms in the semi-independent territory of the Chinese language and the resignation of its chief executive, Carrie Lam.

The fragile British colony became a different administrative feature from China in 1997. Unlike those in mainland China, the country's 7 million people can freely surf the Internet and participate in public protests.

But there is common fear that your rights are being eroded below the Beijing government, leading millions to participate in a series of marches and demonstrations.

Protesters enjoy anger even more what they articulate is excessive transmitting force by the police and are asking for an investigation.

From their Telegram message Wednesday, protesters said that in the two months, "we have moved from striving for our core values ​​to taking care of our lives," citing an incident in which a critical volunteer was injured by a bean bag fired by police .

Tuesday became the important time when police moved against protesters to ensure the safety of the terminal. In the most unusual confrontation, protesters also overtook the capture of two men from mainland China. The vital man is a reporter for the Global Times, a suspenseful Chinese newspaper, and the identification of a varied man is unclear.

Paul Goldman reported from Hong Kong, and Linda Givetash from London.


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