Hundreds of beached businesses on the island of Outer Banks, 'catastrophic', as Typhoon Dorian goes flying – My Blog

Helicopters transported meals and water to isolated residents of a North Carolina island on Friday after suffering "catastrophic floods" when Typhoon Dorian swept the fly, the governor said.

Dorian, a class 1 hurricane with sustained maximum winds of 90 km / h, became so quickly moved from the Central Atlantic states on Friday night and headed for Nova Scotia, the National Typhoon Middle said.

However, the storm left waiting for the flooded island of Ocracoke, where about 800 other people stayed with the whole plan on which the hurricane plan, governor Roy Cooper said.

"The island currently has no electricity, and many properties and buildings are still under water," Cooper said, adding that authorities "understand experiences heard from residents who say the floods have become so catastrophic."

Ocracoke Village Fire Department became as fragile as a heart sung on Friday on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina, right after Typhoon Dorian.Connie Leinbach / Ocracoke Observer AP Background

The island with a population of about 940 is available at the top by boat or by air. Cooper said medical and search and rescue groups were available.

Typhoon Dorian made landfall In Cape Hatteras, north of Ocracoke Island, around 9 am Friday, because the storm, which devastated Bahamian substances and killed at least 43 other people earlier this week, moved away from the US Eastern Cruise , said forecasters and authorities.

The storm also caused a crash in Cape Hatteras and other Outer Banks substances, leaving them powerless, Cooper said.

Residents of Ocracoke Island awaiting floods described on a scale they had never considered before.

“The proper wall of water came accelerating across the island plane from the facet of sound. And the bathing started to look nice, really fast, ”Steve Harris, who has lived on the island for many years for the past 19 years, told The Linked Press.

"We went from almost no water to 4 to 6 feet in a matter of minutes," said Harris.

He lives on the third floor of a condominium that still lost his car due to the storm and told AP that people were boating.

More than 135,000 customers have lost power and more than 81 roads in North Carolina have been closed due to flooding or debris, Cooper said.

In South Carolina, which was so devastated by the hurricane before it hit the Outer Banks, utility Dominion Energy said teams were working "24 hours a day, seven days a week" to reactivate electricity to 47,000 customers.

In Virginia, Norfolk soon became flooded and Cape Henry gusts of 100 km / h, National Climate Service said.

Typhoon Dorian devastated Bahamian substances after falling into a class 5 storm earlier this week. At least 43 other people are useless, a spokesman for the high minister said on Friday, and the number is expected to rise dramatically.

An estimated 13,000 properties were destroyed and thousands of others were listed as missing.

The hurricane poses a threat to Nova Scotia, Canada, where strong winds were forecast loosely on Saturday, the National Typhoon Middle said.

Paul Mason, workplace director of the Nova Scotia Emergency Administration, said in a video message on Friday that the entire province is at risk of being affected, and he said rainfall and winds of about 150 km / h, or 93 mph, may perhaps by chance, by chance happen.

The hurricane became as fast as it dragged about 200 miles southeast of Nantucket, Massachusetts, where a tropical storm warning became as the island came to an end.


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