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For the previous 21- and 12-month school, Anthony Diaz, the choice of segmenting methods with undoubtedly one of the most notorious gangs in the sphere will continue if the facts are told and seem to be far behind.

Even sooner than he joined Mara Salvatrucha, better identified as MS-13, at 16, Diaz, whose real title was retained for revenge concerns, knew he wanted to run away.

The charm of gang life "is all a ghost," says Diaz Newsweek, sitting in a church in a segment run by MS-13, arguably one of the hardest neighborhoods in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

However, for the school prior to 21 and 12 months, this ghost changed as it quickly broke the day he had to open his bleeding little brother after being hit in the chest during a shooting.

"I became as soon as who recruited my brother"

During his teens, Diaz had worked his approach on the ranks of a small allied MS-13 gang called Los ponces, finally becoming a "trigger" within the team and recruiting his younger brother to post.

Interior Los ponces and MS-13 would possibly have a transparent hierarchy of resources, Diaz explains. While he and his brother enjoyed even greater damage than some, this should also do a little bit of the team's dirtiest work.

“The first job is usually to be a ‘Puntero” or a "watchman," says Diaz. The lookouts are everywhere and, as a rule, are young Americans. Young people you examine sitting idly in the open or wandering up and down the main road should not appropriate wasting their time – or not, until they are not, they do not assume they are; they maintain a vigilant search around the neighborhood, reporting suspicious relaxation to the rest of the team.

The second step of the ladder, he says, is the salesman. Unlike other gangs that thrive primarily outside extortion in Honduras, the predominant focal level of MS-13 is in the capsules. "It looks like you happen to stop selling drugs without complications," says Diaz.

Third comes the gatillero, the "trigger", he continues. "The trigger has a gun and he goes into other neighborhoods and kills rival gangs."

The next step is to compare, who plays as an "ideal friend," basically a "boss" tasked with "coordinating operations," while a "bro" maintains even more energy. However, says Diaz, because no formulation has come this far, he cannot express exactly how unrivaled authority they preserve or what categories exist above them.

Asked what he did inside Los ponces and on MS-13, Diaz replies, "Tons of questions I form don't love to remember."

"I turned around as soon as a trigger," he says with a shout. "I had to run a parent selection."

In a selection of days, in 2013, Diaz and his younger brother were sent by Los ponces Fight a rival gang.

"We were in a shootout with this other gang and my brother was shot … He was shot in the chest," recalls Diaz. "He changed as soon as appropriate 13."

"Everyone (the class) felt the same effort because we were all friends," says the 21- and 12-month-old school. However, for him, this effort turned into a particularly acute moment because "I became the one who recruited my brother."

"My mother's fight made me suppose – and it made me go away"

"It changed as soon as my brother's loss of life and my mother's struggle made me assume I had to go," says Diaz. "Seeing my mother's problems made me suppose – and it made me run away."

Earlier than Diaz, by chance, could disappear, however, he changed as soon as he joined the MS-13.

For him, it soon turned into a small inequality between gangs. "Los ponces I was working with MS-13, after which they left MS-13, so I joined MS-13 as a different one, ”he says. "At the time, if that was said, there was no parallel between the two inequalities, because they worked together, after which it was transformed as soon as the separation was made."

Right, twelve months later, however, Diaz noticed a different one to push the team away as it changed as it underwent a restructuring.

"I took the ideal thing this second and asked to talk to the bosses," he says. "I told them I no longer wanted to be a segment of the team, I didn't love what I became as soon as I did it."

Diaz has become a native church, arguably one of the few institutions that Honduran gang leaders are willing to admire for reduction.

In the damage, MS-13 leaders agreed to let him flee, however, it became obvious that if he became a member of a rival gang, he would happen to plot his life.

"It's weird that they are focused on MS-13 in the US"

Coming out with a warning, he says, is incredibly lucky. “It depends on which neighborhood you are in, if you possibly by chance would walk away” in the first space, he explains.

"While you are a segment of Neighborhood 18 (the 18th Avenue gang) you possibly by chance will not walk away, "he says.

While Diaz says he believes Neighborhood 18 is much more violent than the MS-13, is now the last gang, which was transformed just before the whole lot formed in southern California in the 1980s by young Americans of Salvadoran immigrants fleeing the civil war, than the Trump government. always invoked by promising to reduce Central American "criminals" abroad.

"It's weird," says Diaz. "It's strange that they focus on MS-13 in the US," he expands, when other groups are much "worse."

Although the MS-13 is undoubtedly a violent team inside and outside the US, the Trump administration has been accused of extending its crimes in an apparent recount of confidence to challenge the asylum claims of all Central American citizens, alongside those who flee their international locations to escape the violence of MS-13 and other gangs.

In the second, the MS-13 is believed to have between 50,000 to 70,000 individuals, with the largest concentration in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, collectively identified as the Northern Triangle.

Meanwhile, in line with the most up-to-date FBI statistics published in 2009, the US assisted 8,000 to 10,000 individuals, which is 1% of the estimated 1.4 million gang individuals in the country. .

In the damage, Diaz says he believes that those who join gangs plan so "unconscious", without realizing what the penalties will look like most until it is long overdue.

“After I entered, I became as soon as a younger child, an ignorant child. I didn't know what I became as soon as I did it. I approve orders in a row, ”he says.

“After I became so young, I happened to look over all these Americans with guns and it had to be a segment of that. However, as you begin to mature, you begin to realize that when you are young you plan this because you are ignorant. "

Now the 21-month and 12-month-old school, which shares housing with its mother, says it is focused on generating income for its family by painting properties and working on construction.

"My mother is happy to examine that I am working now and serving at home," he says.

He also says that one day, he hopes to raise a bear family. "That's what I want … to work and be self-employed."

Obviously, life in Honduras could, by chance, very well be "horrible," he says, despite the total natural beauty the country has to offer.

"You look at a selection of things on the news, a selection of violence," he says.

Having been the segment of this unparalleled violence in his life, Diaz says he understands why so many Hondurans are trying to travel to the US "Who will love this?" He says.

Native residents invest in graffiti from the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-19) gang in the MS-13-managed El Bosque neighborhood of Tegucigalpa on May 9, 2017.


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