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Fiat Chrysler Vehicles will discontinue its subcompact 500 dummy in the US, the company announced on Sunday. The Fiat 500, launched in early 1957 as an Italian counterpart to populist Volkswagen Beetle, used to be renewed and relaunched in 2007. It grew to become accessible in the US in 2011 following the merger of Fiat and Chrysler.

For one affirmation FCA, the 500X compact sports utility crossover, in addition to the highest 500L, will remain in the US market. But the car's electric model, the 500e, will not be now. Now, the statement was not about a planned overhaul of the 500e, in which Fiat would be investing with reference to $ 800 million, may well be affected.

US gross sales in the 500 were hammered in the last years. After hitting 43,772 devices in 2012, gross sales fell to 5,370 in 2018. The 2019 500e equipped less than 100 devices per month so as to distance these 300 and sixty-five days.

The decline of the Fiat 500 shows a wider fall in subcompact cars. Contemporary car sales under $ 20,000 fell by awesome 75%, with the sharpest falls since 2015. This return to historical norms it shows continuously low gas prices and booming economic growth, giving Americans the freedom to return to their huge trucks and SUVs.

Totally different subcompacts recently taken from the US market include Fiat's Dodge Creep and Chrysler 200 cars, as well as Chevy Sonic and Ford Fiesta. O Mini cooper, Toyota Yaris and Honda match stay, however, everyone is seeing a decline in gross sales. Match equipped 35,030 devices reported in 2018, to illustrate, with reference to 27% of the old 300 and sixty-five days.

The Fiat 500 2019 will remain affordable except for depleted inventory, which Fiat said will likely arrive by 2020.

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