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Barbie is undergoing a makeover to celebrate Mexico's Muertos Day on 2 November – with a new holiday-inspired doll being sold this Thursday across the country.

The miniature model doll is designed to celebrate the Mexican festival, where we all must be aware and admire the lost members of the family.

According to Mattel, Barbie's pro toy company, the doll "honors the traditions and symbols normally considered throughout this time."

The Barbie Dia de Muertos doll comes with an embroidered costume that features hearts and microscopic butterfly prints. Barbie's face is adorned with the recurring skull face painting, commonly seen at all Donkey Day festivities in Mexico, with dark lipstick detailing spherical eyes and a red coronary heart painted in the bowels of her forehead. In addition, the doll comes with a wreath made of monarch butterflies and bright marigold vegetation.

The doll sells for $ 75 and also comes with "earrings, necklace, sneakers, butterfly ring and doll stroller".

barbie day money of the dead
Barbie Dumb Doll Day.

Money Is the Barbie Dia de Muertos doll available at Walmart and Target?

Collectors hoping to get their hands on the scamper-themed Barbie may want to be quickly assigned to the figure, who will be in spherical interrogation in the US, because it hits stores on Thursday.

According USA Today, Barbie Dia De Muertos will be stocked at Target and Walmart stores starting Thursday (at the time of publication, the doll is no longer listed in both companies' internet target). In addition, the doll can be ordered from Amazon, he said. USA Today.

The special Barbie model is available directly from Mattel, also.

Barbie Uprising on Dumb Doll Day

The release of Barbie's Dia de Muertos theme has received some criticism for appropriating culturally the necessary Mexican vacations, which last about 3,000 years.

“So we need now to look at the meaning of painting our celebrations as Mexicans. It must no longer be a parody of the occasion and an illustration of the Latins, ”said José Higuera López, deputy director of the Jamie Lucero Mexican Institute of Analysis at Lehman College in Contemporary York. Contemporary York Cases.

López said Dia de Muertos has changed to current with non-Mexicans as a result of recognizing remnants of Disney-Pixar's thrilling success. Poo.

However, Mattel's designer ahead of the new doll, Javier Meabe, told the York Contemporary Covers which he is of Mexican origin and wanted to provide, determined that the new Barbie became respectful of culture.

"I grew up going to Mexico and pulled a form of that inspiration and issues I have in mind when I grow up," Meabe said.

"This is incredibly expensive for my coronary heart. I know the scheme needed to honor and admire family and friends who are no longer with us.


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