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As the Trump administration set a new barrier within the low-income immigrant device in the hope of gaining a factual path to the US with the introduction of its controversial “public value” rule on Monday, Canadian authorities would appear to break free. in the opposite direction, pledging more than $ 20 million in effective financing for immigrants and refugees.

On Monday afternoon, US Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli released the “public value” rule, which seeks to broaden the definition of who also receives “public value” or someone who depends on assistance. from the authorities. through public advantages ”to the most likely detriment of certain low-income immigrants.

Under the new definition, the anticipated use of the authorities' benefits, alongside housing, Medicaid and the Supplementary Weight Reduction Program (SNAP) Aid Program, may presumably spur a strike toward immigrants in the hope of making letters. playing cards or time-stamped visas to raise within the US

Speaking at White Condominium's press conference Monday morning, Ken Cuccinelli, director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services claimed that the golden rule contribute to promoting “self-sufficiency” among immigrants.

“In the course of history, self-confidence has been a fundamental principle in the US,” Cuccinelli said. "By the rule of public value, President Trump's administration is imposing the ideals of self-reliance and greater internal responsibility."

Immigration and family advocates, however, have been quick to sentence the measure, saying it unfairly targets low-income immigrants and families who have no reinforcements – no extra restrictions.

"It's simply a lie for the Trump administration to reveal that the rule of public value… is ready selling self-sufficiency among immigrant families," Donna Norton, the MomsRising family's advocacy community, said in a note sent to Newsweek

"This rule is designed to promote the war against immigrants by arming health, housing, weight reduction program and totally different programs that allow working mothers and families to prosper," commented Norton. "Forcing families to enjoy the products and services they need and the families they love are short-sighted, cruel, unhealthy and simply unacceptable."

“By accepting admission to the United States and green playing cards if an immigrant's family makes use of Medicaid, Medicare, the Supplementary Weight Reduction Program (SNAP) Program or Fragment 8, this rule will increase hunger and shrimp a poverty, homelessness, poor health outcomes and racial disparities in our nation, ”she commented, noting that the general rule could probably affect up to 26 million people, along with one in four younger people in the US

As President Donald Trump and his government confronted accusations of trying to save extra barriers for low-income immigrants, Trudeau's Canadian authorities have taken a clear walk on the reverse route, saying they plan to speculate another $ 20 million. millions – coincidentally spherical, a Canadian dollar for one and all plagued by the Trump administration rule) in effective financing for immigrants and refugees.

Trudeau provided the injection of funds because the leadership of the Canadian province of Ontario determined to cut the provincial factual aid budget by 30%.

The province argued that the Trudeau administration should be paying the program bill, attributing a 158 percent increase in claims over four years to changes in federal immigration insurance policies.

Lawyers representing immigrants and refugees applauded the federal authorities' choice, with Maureen Silcoff, president of the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers, thanking Trudeau authorities for approaching “crisis” refugees and immigrants in Ontario who were confronted after the province canceled the program. of refugees and immigration in April 2019. ”

“No one facing torture in a repressive regime, no woman who has fled severe domestic violence in an unprotected country, no LGBTQ2S individual who has fled to build her lifestyle should be subject to prosecution factual advice,” Silcoff said.

“Funding for the factual immigration and refugee program has been repeatedly shared between provincial and federal governments. The reckless cuts by the Ford authorities have left the weak in crisis, ”added Raoul Boulakia, a member of the Ontario Government's Refugee Bar. "We applaud this announcement by federal authorities that it is legal to intervene to prevent irreparable injury to immigrants and refugees."

With a federal election scheduled to scrap space in October on the horizon, Trudeau officials want to re-signify their commitment to host migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in the nation, with Canadian officials saying plans to attract 1,000,000 immigrants throughout of three years. years.

In a recent interview with Newsweek, Ahmed Hussen, Canada's immigration minister, tried to reaffirm this commitment, stating that Canada was soon “very fortunate” for “by and handsome… absorbing a resident who normally helps immigration,” no topic that “anti-immigrant narratives” advocated by leaders in the US and sooner or later in the field.

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US President Donald Trump welcomes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the White Condominium in Washington, DC on October 11, 2017.
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