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Several dozen University of Arizona students protested Friday on campus police to deal with a physical and racist attack on a black student this week. The protests came less than an hour after the university announced that the two white attackers had been arrested and faced an assault charge.


Several dozen Arizona college students protested on Friday by police police against a racist physical attack on a shadowy student this week.

The protests brought the website online no more than an hour after the college announced that the two white attackers had been arrested and faced a misdemeanor for assault.

Unrecognized college students are white and first of all have been directed to a social justice diversion program rather than dealing with charges in Tuesday's attack, protesters said.

Arizona College president Robert C. Robbins mentioned in a press that he was annoyed and upset by the incident.

“Now we almost seek to help together and inform other unqualified people that intolerance and discrimination delight in not seeking any more homes here. Until we seek a safe environment free from violence, discrimination and loathing, college students may no longer be free to learn and pursue their dreams, ”said Robbins.

A college spokesman said he expected a police file to be released quickly.

This marks the second over-profile case that has sparked a conflict between college students and campus police.

In April, the college came under stress after police filed misdemeanor charges against three college students, all in favor of a grunt on the campus of US Border Patrol brokers seeking to make a presentation.

The case received national consideration after the brokerage union expressed anger at the behavior of college students. College students were watched on video provoking two brokers who were asked to present a presentation to a campus legal club. They were charged with misdemeanors, however, the case was set aside at the request of Pima County prosecutors and after several protests from college and college colleagues.

On Friday's grunt, college students marched across campus singing, “What do we prefer? Justice? When we get up, do we prefer? Now."


This post has been fixed for Robbins to make his statement on Thursday, not Friday.

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2 arrested in racist attack on shadowy student in U Arizona

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