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The latest dive boat fires at the California wing, which allegedly absorbed 34 dead people: (all local cases):

8 am.

Authorities say they have recovered the bodies of 33 people who died in the fire of a scuba diving boat that appeared on the southern California wing.

Lieutenant Zach Farrell acknowledged on Wednesday that 13 bodies were recovered on Tuesday and that one particular person is missing.

Farrell spoke on behalf of a joint interinstitutional data center, representing local, municipal, stutterer, and federal officials.

The boat caught old fire to break from day one on Monday. Authorities previously recognized 34 people on board who were under the dozing deck, were considered tiring and that five crew members, including the captain, escaped.



Authorities ordered divers to have been brought forward earlier in the day to resume attempts to search for remains of the victims who died in the scuba boat fire in the southern wing of California.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Kevin Huddle says the examiners worked on a single day Tuesday through Wednesday to search for remains at that level and name the victims. Thirty-four people are presumed to be tiring after the following day's Monday fire on Santa Cruz Island.

The Huddle on Tuesday would no longer order how many bodies had been hurled at some point from the remains observed that day. Authorities have previously recognized that the remains of 20 people absorb have been recovered and that four to 6 others absorb have been positioned on the ocean floor but no longer recovered.

Huddle acknowledged that updates on the recovered bodies would come after the autopsies were released.

Lieutenant Brian Olmstead, Santa Barbara County Sheriff, says the FBI is helping investigators gather evidence.

Five crew members survived, including the captain.

Thirty-three passengers and one crew member are considered tiring.



A family of 5, along with excess students, an adventurous marine biologist and a science teacher, are among those believed lost in the sinking of a dive boat in the southern wing of California.

Authorities measured all 34 people who were dozing on deck perished as flames rushed through the boat until Monday, while anchoring on Santa Cruz Island, northwest of Los Angeles.

The observation of totally different survivors ended on Tuesday. At least 20 bodies have been recovered and police have persevered in their efforts to notify others who have been seen at the bottom of the ocean. Some may very well be inside the sunken boat.

The Nationwide Transportation Safety Board arrived on Tuesday to start investigating the cause with the help of the fire, which left 5 survivors recognized – the captain and four crew members on deck.


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