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Rapper as soon as possible Change Rocky stumbled on aggression liability Wednesday by a Swedish court however will go a way of extra jail time.

The rapper's move gave a suspended sentence after the court stumbled that the assault was now becoming "not of this form of a valuable nature" as a guarantee of time beyond regulation with the support of bars.

Rocky, whose title is Rakim Mayers, was arrested in Stockholm in July after he and two team members got into a road fight with 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari.

Attorneys asked the court to convict Mayers, 30, and now sentence him to no more than six months in prison. However, Per Lennerbrant, the high advocate who chairs the case, said the prosecution failed to level the extent of the attack's severity.

Then again, the rapper and his entourage were not to blame, the court stumbled.

"The artist is convicted of using the violence," Lennerbrant said by a court translator.

The trio was ordered to pay 12,500 kronor – about $ 1,300 – for damage to the victim. They are also required to reimburse the victim's fair costs and the below.

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The rapper's licensed reliability said they were "disenchanted" in the records.

The court learned that Rocky and her occasion had been followed and worried, that no bottle had faded, that Rocky did not act in a united attack with the others, and that Rocky now inflicted no injury on the victim and that by chance it would be a get. . However, the court also concluded that Rocky did not act in self-protection, ”said the licensee, Slobodan Jovic.

"It's a conclusion Rocky and I disagree with."

A defense ordered Harlem rapper released of custody earlier this month, pending the verdict of the trial. He moved to permission to leave the country and over the weekend he advised fans at a concert in Anaheim, California that the prison change it to "nasty" and "humiliating".

The case attracted frequent attention, with the big truth TV title Kim Kardashian West, singer Rod Stewart and even President Donald Trump asking the Swedish authorities to release the rapper on the grounds that he is treated unfairly.

As advocated by the rapper's release, the US government it was at this level as to warn Sweden of "negative consequences" in tune with a pair of cards issued by the Swedish Ministry Authority.

However, the country's prime minister, Stefan Löfven, advised Trump that the rapper would not now receive specific therapy and that politicians should quietly not interfere with judicial matters.

The two-time Grammy-nominated champion, who moves to Stockholm as the main attraction of a festival, said he changes to a treatment unfairly attributable to him.

Mayers and the other two defendants in the attack claimed they were not responsible and said they were protecting themselves after being tormented by two men, including the alleged victim.

Mayers advised the court earlier this month that he move to the tourists when his team approaches the two men who would not leave them alone now. He said his security guard pushed considered one of them off, at which level men turn into more aggressive and Mayers moved into the body dispute.

The court disagreed with the statement of self-protection, finding that "the defendants were not self-disciplined in relation to a new criminal attack," a court statement said.

However, he certainly did not realize that the trial that failed to reach the victim was hit in the head with a bottle, as Jafari claimed, the statement said.


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