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An unfortunate tropical has changed to gain vitality and increase the real to a tropical storm Friday because it was aimed at the Bahamas, already devastated by Hurricane Dorian, said the forecasters.

It was moved to two weeks before Sunday that Dorian, in the force of Class 5, hit the territory of the Bahamas and then stood for days, killing greater than 50.

As the island nation continues to excavate this calamity, it now needs to prepare for what presumably may well be for each other as well.

The Bahamas Meteorological Department said in an announcement that a defense force flight tracked the weather machine on Friday and positioned it about 320 kilometers east-southeast of Marsh Harbor, Bahamas, which is the phase of the Abaco Islands. in the north of the country.

“The machine is wandering at some level in the last few hours,” the department said, “however, it is expected to resume a slack circling northwest and north-northwest later this day. The machine is expected to move through the northwest of the Bahamas tonight. "

Big Bahama, the Abaco Islands and the Berry Islands were below a tropical storm warning tonight, basically based entirely on the department. It is assumed that about 2 to 4 inches of rain may well be expected as well, with some isolated showers pushing 6 inches, the document said.

Hurricane Heart national analysts have consulted with the unfortunate winds to exceed 39 mph tonight or early Saturday, at which level probably will probably also be designated Tropical Storm Humberto, said middle spokesman Dennis Feltgen .

The machine appears to be shifting east from Florida to the Atlantic, but forecasters are indifferent in alerting people along the US East Sound to hear forecasts and warnings, he said.

"The devices project farther east, which is factual," said Feltgen. "At this level, we are no longer asking for firm ground in the US pull."

The crew expects the unfortunate to gather in a burly typhoon, perhaps for the next five days, he said. Presumably Bermuda may also be at stake, but it's too fast to whisper, Feltgen said. A typhoon has more sustained ground winds of 74 mph or more.

Presumably, the wind and rain of the unfortunate tropical may not encourage the ongoing reduction efforts in the Bahamas either.

On Friday, chef Jose Andrés tweeted World Central Kitchen, his nonprofit organization, has been in the Bahamas for 12 days and has served 200,000 meals. He said the organization stocked food as a result of flying without a doubt, perhaps no longer recommended on Saturday.

"A storm approaching the Bahamas," he said in an attached video message. “The most energetic factual part is us, they are safe in shelters. Confidently, this may occasionally presumably no longer be so inappropriate.


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