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Jacob Wohl, a conservative activist who once tried to slander special attorney Robert Mueller on false charges of sexual assault, was charged in California for the illegal sale of securities. complaint against him on August 19. The disgraced hedge…


Jacob Wohl, a conservative activist who soon tried accuse Robert Mueller of misguided sexual assault charges, was soon charged in California for the illegal sale of securities.

Wohl allegedly attempted to promote unqualified securities in July and August 2016, according to a prison criticism of him on August 19.

On August 19, with the issue of a reserve warrant for all men, Wohl has not yet been arrested, according to the industrial area of ​​the Riverside County Public Prosecutor.

Wohl no longer answered a question to comment.

The reviews, received by NBC News on Wednesday, no longer specify to which company the titles were related.

Wohl was under intense scrutiny in October of the past twelve months when he said an unaffiliated intelligence company had evidence that Mueller had sexually assaulted a girl with no name. O The value of the intelligence company phone became as soon as registered to Wohl's mother.

The intelligence company fable that tried to make the allegations was as inaccurate as inaccuracies, and Wohl never produced the accuser.

He soon became the center of attention once again in February when Twitter suspended him for working a lot of wrong accounts.

Wohl operated @ Women_4_Schultz, which was a supporter of Starbucks standard CEO and presidential candidate Howard Schultz. In addition, he operated two banned Twitter accounts, by a source aware of the accounts that became as soon as they were no longer allowed to speak publicly.

"Wohl's legend was suspended for more than one violation of Twitter rules, such as the creation and operation of incorrect accounts," Twitter said on NBC News at the time.

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Conservative activist Jacob Wohl accused of illegal securities sale

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