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After being criticized for showing in a video linked to non-secular anti-LGBTQ personnel, Novel Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees tried to "keep the file in order".

"I stop failing to reinforce groups that discriminate or have their own agendas that try to announce inequality," Brees acknowledged in a video posted on Twitter on Thursday that drew more than 1,000,000 views on Friday morning.

Luckily, this shows the file with who I am and what I represent. Admire, appreciate and accept everything. I no longer keep you from imagining the negativity you read that states otherwise. It is simply no longer ethical. Keep a big day.

– Drew Brees (@drewbrees) September 5, 2019

The criticism resulted from a Brees video considered in "Raise Your Bible to College Day" an initiative of Deal with the Family, an anti-LGBTQ evangelical staff with a previous history of opposing homosexual and transgender rights.

The agreement with the Family used to be founded in 1977 and, according to the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBTQ rights team, is “undoubtedly one of well-funded anti-LGBTQ organizations In the USA. "Staff and their leaders get a marriage long opposed to the same, sustained sexual intercourse known as conversion medicine, known as children of seniors of the same sexual intercourse."human guinea pigs"And stated that"transgenderism violates God's creation. "

In a separate video shared on Twitter by a native New Orleans sports reporter, Brees acknowledged that he was "no longer aware" of Deal with the Family's anti-gay lobbying efforts: he insisted that the video he considered used to be exclusively focused. in "Raise Your Bible to Faculty Day" and "no doubt will no longer promote any people connected with this form of behavior."

Drew Brees discusses his video “National Elevate Your Bible To Faculty Day,” which was viewed on Deal with The Family platforms.

He acknowledged that he was no longer aware of the anti-LGBT opinions of the staff. He says that hating goes against all questions of being a Christian.

– Appropriate Amie (@Amie_Just) September 5, 2019

In the video he sent on Thursday, Brees was quite surprised by the "rumors" that surfaced about him that "led people to imagine that I was somehow aligned with an organization that used to be anti-LGBTQ."

"I no longer know why negativity unfolds or why people tried to tie me to obvious negativity," she acknowledged, noting that he lives his lifestyle on "two very easy Christian foundations."

“It's a delight for you with all your coronary heart, solutions and soul, and a delight for your neighbor as yourself,” he defined, adding that he loves, respects, and accepts “everyone, regardless of their environment. , your color, your personality. secular desire, their sexual orientation, their political opinions – no topic. "

Some are known to criticize Brees, another example of a "culture of indignation," while others acknowledge that they have been disillusioned with the NFL acquaintance.

"He tries to be totally ignorant about Deal with the Family lobbying efforts and then blames the media for pointing that out," Twitter person @byjoelanderson wrote. “How does Drew Brees continually register in the face of nationwide advertising campaigns for organizations he knows nothing about? Why can anyone believe that he is a pitcher?

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