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The federal subsidy program that helps states get rid of rape kit testing delays It is a scheme to follow, and supporters said on Friday that House Democrats must act quickly before the money ends in September's discontinuation.

In fact, currently more than 100,000 rape kits in states around the country remain untested, some even kept away in police stores, the lawyers said. Over the years, statutes of limitations in states prohibit prosecution, making it famous more challenging, if not more impossible, appoint authors and produce costs. Without federal funding, advocates argue, it is possible to imagine that many rape kits would possibly pass, presumably, probably very well, never be examined.

nature PHOTO: A sexual assault evidence collection kit is located at the Ohio Criminal Investigation Laboratory on January 27, 2src16 in Richfield, Ohio.
Christian Science Getty Photography Potential Video Show, FILE
A sexual assault-proof sequence kit is inside the Ohio Bureau Prison Investigation Laboratory on January 27, 2016 in Richfield, Ohio.

Since 2004, the Debbie Smith Act, the title of the grant measure, has been reauthorized with a strong bipartisan strengthening, lawyers said. Approximately 200,000 offenders were recognized as a result of grant money, reporting that overall grant money has been responsible for more than 40% of all DNA games since 2005. Funding for late accumulated rape kits is also enough. non-profit, local organizations and insist on funds.

"We need President Pelosi to step up and inform the Judiciary Committee that this is a precedent," said Scott Berkowitz, president of the RAINN (National Community Rape, Abuse and Incest) anti-sexual violence organization, which has been declared at a data convention. on Friday.

In addition, on Friday, Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn urged House Democrats to re-authorize funding. However, complicating matters, House Democrats have approved funding as a fragment of the Violence Act, as opposed to the Women's Law, a famous upper half of the legislation, and are pushing the Republican-led Senate to poke that measure.

Democratic Assembly. Carolyn Maloney of Fresh York, her spokeswoman advised ABC News, is "very committed" to re-authorizing the funding, announcing that rape survivors deserve justice.

Checking rape kits is expensive. Native companies can educate to raise about $ 151 million in grant money, which could presumably presumably presumably go for upgrading laboratory equipment, training, and testing accumulated rape kits.

nature PHOTO: Rape survivor Debbie Smith speaks at a press conference in Washington DC, September 6, 2src19.
ABC news
Rape survivor Debbie Smith speaks at a press convention in Washington D.C., September 6, 2019.

The measure was named after Debbie Smith, who was raped in Virginia in 1989 and DNA testing helped convict her attacker.

At the ideas convention on Friday, she begged Congress to continue funding.

"Hope is an extremely effective and powerful power in all our lives," said Smith. "Hope is strength, patience and motivation."

"Hopelessness can break and kill," Smith said tearfully. "This bill is the torch of hope."

John Parkinson of ABC News contributed to this archive.


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