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Kevin Hart, who previously faced a negative reaction to comments considered homophobic, is being criticized for his comments to Lil Nas X because the rapper defined why he hoped to publicly express his joy.

In an episode of HBO Sport "The Store: Uninterrupted, "The rapper has become asked about his departure, that he tweeted on the closing day of Pleasure Month in June, when his song "Broken City Avenue" reached the top of the national charts. The song topped the Billboard Hot 100 Checklist for a file crush 19 weeks.

Before Lil Nas X could provide any insight, Hart went in to study, "He said it turned to joy, so what?"

The rapper, whose exact title is Montero Lamar Hill, then changed why he thought it was mandatory to repeat his sexuality publicly. Lil Nas X educated the community of fellow Hart and Lift Gronkowski and Kevin Admire athletes, among others, who, when he grew up, began to teach "hating" homosexuality.

"Why do you grow so big you hate it?" Hart asked the rapper.

Lil Nas X performs on stage for Net Live By BuzzFeed's break at Webster Hall on July 25, 2019 at Original York.Noam Galai / Getty Shots to Buzzfeed File

"Let's go now. Whenever you really quit the game," Lil Nas X replied, related to the stigma about homosexuality in the sad community.

The rapper then defined that he chose to hit because he moved to the tip of his sport and had nothing to triumph over.

"Whenever you do it while you are on the edge, you understand whether or not it is more accurate and whether or not you are showing that it really doesn't matter," he said.

Hart's comments as Lil Nas X tried to fragment his narrative irritated many of us on social media, only some of whom accused the comedian of being contemptuous or exaggerating the rapper.

Kevin Hart introducing himself as if he didn't know why Lil Nas X would be afraid to come is like someone who stole the factor you lost by helping him look for you.

– Phillip Henry (@MajorPhilebrity) September 4, 2019

Kevin Hart really thinks he might even piss off Lil Nas X, an outdated Barb twitter skool

– JuanPa (@jpbrammer) September 4, 2019

β€œHe said it turned to joy. And! Kevin Hart is aware of exactly what the "so what" is here and why a younger, sadder boy would hide his sexuality until he believed it would become safe. Why is it not enough simply to listen, to give @LilNasX the home and the deference to expose his narrative …

– G O L D I E. (@goldietaylor) September 4, 2019

Kevin Hart really tried to sit here and take a look at Lil Nas as if he didn't realize why hanging out as a homosexual sunless man with number 1 isn't monumental. The same man who is homophobic. Our community energy drinkers are vast hypocrites with homophobia but hate oppression. Your mind crooked like your back.

– Ronnie 🌹 (@ 9inewaves) September 4, 2019

Others on social media reminded Hart that he resigned as 2019 Oscar presenter after his homophobic tweets and jokes resurfaced.

In his 2010 comedy "Severely Comic," Hart joked that his greatest fear turned into his jubilant son. "As a straight man, if I can keep my son from being jubilant, I will," he educated the onlookers.

In many tweets, of which only a few have been removed from his Twitter account, Hart was known as "jubilant" and homophobic insults, including calling someone "fat-smelly."

Kevin Hart was not clearly taught in the previous one. They wouldn't let you host the oscars because of your previous comments. Why do they get lil nas x so it's tragic. He dealt with it so neatly

– Tyler Templeton (@ TylerTempleto13) September 4, 2019

I admire lil Nas x for not throwing Kevin Hart around the room anymore. How will you act like homophobia in the sad community doesn't exist as you left the web that hosted the year-end Oscar because you were being homophobic

– spiderman stan account (@BiancaJelani) September 4, 2019

In December 2018 tweet, the comedian and actor apologized for his previous comments and announced that he has changed to become host.

The new reaction wave against the comedian comes in the wake of Hart was hospitalized for prevalent back injuries after he considered just a few car wrecks on the weekend. His wife, Eniko, said he is anticipated to generate a roundabout restoration.


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