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Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Bear Roberts Giuffre asked to interview Prince Andrew in the US or UK after writing a letter to him addressing the authenticity of a photograph, including him, Giuffre and Ghislaine Maxwell.

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Current media reviews citing sources interrupted by Prince Bear claimed the photo was "fraudulent".

Maxwell, who dated Epstein, who died of suicide in a detention center while on charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy, was charged with working as a facilitator lure Epstein with young people for sexual encounters. Maxwell denies Giuffre's allegations. Prince Andrew issued a press release denying any epstein crimes facts.

A replica of the letter from Giuffre's lawyers to the prince purchased by ABC Files reads in the section: “While your most up-to-date press statements offer your exact desire to favor victims of sexual abuse, we are involved with obvious statements. The attributes to you (which we hope to gather now no longer replicate your exact opinions) are almost inconsistent with the desire to deal responsibly with the critical claims that have been made. Now, we have researched, to illustrate, a disturbing statement attributed to you that a well-documented photo representing you, Virginia Roberts Giuffre and Ghislaine Maxwell in the company of each varied is & # 39; fraudulent & # 39; "

PHOTO OF NATURE: Virginia Roberts Giuffre, center, along with other victims who accused Jeffrey Epstein of sexual abuse, appeared at the Manhattan Federal Court in New York on August 27, 2src19.
Kevin C. Downs / Redux, archive
Virginia Roberts Giuffre, at heart, along with several victims who accused Jeffrey Epstein of sexual abuse, appeared to be at the Manhattan Federal Court in the contemporary city of York on August 27, 2019.

Interviews citing "an interrupted course for Andrew" first appeared in the Contemporary York Post and several British tabloids last week, demanding the veracity of the photo. The supposedly instant source of the London Evening is no longer original: “Watch his fingers inside the photo. The duke has badly potbellied fingers, now they no longer look precise nor the height of the duke and the girl.

The in-demand photo, supposedly taken in 2001, first appeared in 2011, when printed in the mail day after day. It also used to be included in the judicial documentation of Giuffre's trial as opposed to Epstein's alleged co-conspirator Maxwell.

Giuffre accused Epstein and Maxwell of trafficking her for their extremely efficient companions, and claimed that they instructed her to have sex with the kind contemporary governor of Mexico Bill Richardson, Prince Andrew, and the kind senator George Mitchell. All bears denied the charges.

Prince Andrew's most up-to-date denial was usually issued on August 24, in the style of a written statement, which stated: “At no time during my time with him have I examined, evaluated or suspected any such behavior. which subsequently resulted in his arrest and conviction. "


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