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Michigan's ACLU filed a civil rights complaint on Thursday alleging discrimination in relation to sexual relations and disability after a Republican Congressional candidate canceled an event containing British Down's syndrome artists.

Justin Meijer, working in Michigan's third congressional district, canceled an efficiency by Screening syndrome at Tanglefoot, an art center he owns in Huge Rapids, scheduled for Saturday.

In a letter explaining his decision the remaining month, Meijer said he "loves children," adults with Down syndrome deserve safety. In addition, he said he feared that the event might happen to be "exploitative" by chance, and even wondered if they too simply would not give "burly and urgent consent."

But when Crawl Syndrome artists flew from the UK, where they are based entirely in Michigan, on Thursday night, they had phrases for Meijer.

"There is no way to let you treat us like this. We must always create, we must always be who we are and live our lives as we are," insisted King Justin Bond, 20 to 12 months old. WOOD 8 TV in huge rapids. "It doesn't matter if we are disabled or [from] a varied country, this is what we now like to buy to give up and this is what we are here to give up."

Daniel Vais, the troupe's artistic director, asked WOOD not to ask for this "controversy" and "hatred" about Crawl Syndrome artists anymore.

"It's an excuse," Vais said of Meijer's reason for canceling efficiency. "They appropriately state, 'Oh, we provide protection for them' so that they can keep them from society and excessive culture, so that there is a hidden agenda there, I think."

For his fragment, Meijer doubled on Thursday night, following data from ACLU's complaint records.

"It's nice to say that I didn't ask for Down syndrome screening presentations to be a defining core of my congressional campaign," he wrote on Twitter. "Come what may also be: I am not specifically sorry for doing what is impartially appropriate."

Jay Kaplan, director of the ACLU Michigan LGBTQ program, filed the complaint against Meijer at the Michigan Department of Civil Rights and said he hoped that this by chance chance would be a "learning moment" about the company of disabled adults.

"The taxpayers are American, and I think Meijer's decision to murder this efficiency is mainly based entirely on a misperception that adults with Down syndrome have no way of understanding or agreeing to perform," Kaplan said.

“As a matter of fact, Mr. Meijer is unwilling to admit or agree that he based his decision entirely on stereotypes belonging to people with disabilities and, as we said earlier, some misperceptions about the ride that we think additionally address gender stereotypes, Kaplan persisted.

Even so, in August the troupe promised that "the hiding place will continue", and this may by chance, by chance, probably probably by chance, by chance. The troupe secured an unusual venue for the brand and can also build only peacefully on Saturday earlier than a crowded crowd. The tracking syndrome will also host a bis efficiency at Huge Rapids on Sunday, for which tickets are quiet in the market.

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