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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has denied his country's spies in the US after Politico reported on Thursday that the US government concluded that Israel was probably behind surveillance devices planted near the White House and other sensitive sites. in Washington, DCC. Politician reported devices capable of…


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has denied that his spies in the country at the end of the US after Politician reported Thursday whereas US authorities have concluded that Israel has become more likely to await planted surveillance devices closed to the White House and in several sensitive areas around Washington, D.C.

Citing three senior archaic US officials with details of the matter, Politico reported that devices capable of tracking cell phone whispers were discovered. NBC News became unable to, as soon as it independently tested the legend, contacted the White House Division and Impart to comment on Thursday.

Netanyahu's management overturned accusations that his country spied on US soil as "a blatant lie."

"There is a longstanding dedication, and a directive by the Israeli authorities to no longer make a choice in any US intelligence operation," he said at the beginning of the press. "This directive is exactly applied without exception."

The allegations may well undoubtedly undermine what is an essential diplomatic relationship for the US and Israel, days before a closed Israeli general election in which Netanyahu is fighting for his political life. The minister went en route Thursday to satisfy Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier than the Israelis go to the polls on September 17.

The news arrives two days later Netanyahu has pledged to initiate the attached substances of the Israeli-occupied western financial institution. if he's reelected high minister next week. He said he would build this with "greater coordination" with the US.

The Politician reported that three unidentified US officials familiar with the matter talked about US officials concluded at the end of the final two years that Israel has become more likely waiting for the location of the devices. The website said it was unclear whether or not the efforts were a success.

Israeli Minister of International Affairs Israel Katz also denied the document. He talked about Israel not usually watching US operations.

"The US and Israeli sides carry a lot of intelligence details and work together to complete threats and buy security from both international locations," he said in reaction to the allegations.

Last October, US officials learned NBC News President Donald Trump has been discussing confidential details for months on an unprotected cell phone after The Novel York Instances reported that Chinese and Russian-speaking spies he had been paying attention to his deepest calls.

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Saphora Smith is a reporter for NBC News Digital, based primarily in London.

Paul Goldman

Paul Goldman is a primarily Tel Aviv producer and video editor based primarily on NBC News.

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Netanyahu Denies Document That Israel Planted Closed Watch Gadgets at White House

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