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Investigators are investigating whether two guards charged with overseeing Jeffrey Epstein may have fallen asleep when the accused sex trafficker died in a cell in New York City, two officials linked to the investigation told NBC News on Tuesday night. The director of the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center was temporarily relocated and the…


Researchers are investigating whether or not two more guards With the task of seeing Jeffrey Epstein dozing off when the accused sex trafficker died in a New York City detention cell, two officials accustomed to the investigation reported on NBC Recordsdata late on Tuesday.

The director of the Metropolitan Correctional Heart in the massive apple has been temporarily transferred and the two guards were stationed on leave after Epstein died of obvious suicide Saturday morning.

Investigators have come to no conclusions as they examine whether or not the guards are perhaps by chance, perhaps asleep, police sources said.

According to one particular person accustomed to the investigation, a male employee who went to work beyond regular hours at the detention center when Epstein died was not a large correction officer. But he had been a corrections officer there for seven years before authorizing miscellaneous work with better pay and better hours, the source said.

The worker had vigorous training and traveled as a corrections officer and routinely took the corrections officer's corrections to make in addition to the regular time payment, the source said.

Two sources accustomed to the case reported to NBC Recordsdata that investigators are seeking to recognize if there are discrepancies in the log books when placed next to what is in the complex digital surveillance criminal procedure.

The guards had been speculated to settle on Epstein every 30 minutes, but the sources mentioned there became a problem within hours of Epstein stumbling into his cell.

A "post-circulation" team from the Federal Bureau of Prisons will be almost at the detention center on Wednesday to peek at what is below standard, as required after any "indispensable occasion" in a federal penal complex, a Department of Justice.

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A Bureau staff of complex criminal psychologists has begun to look into all instances to resolve why Epstein sounds as if he had died of suicide, the real thing mentioned, adding that the post-circulation team is guilty of inspecting why Epstein would take their lifestyles. , no more like.

Epstein, 66, was not concerned with suicide at the time of his death, more than other people used to his own investigation reported to NBC Recordsdata.

Total Authentic Authorized William Barr mentioned that he became "shocked" by the building and that he consulted with the celebrated Department of Justice inspector, who may also be investigating.

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Investigators investigating whether or not Jeffrey Epstein's guards may have slept

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