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New Mexico Authorities Recognize Country Music Star Kylie Rae Harris Caused Fatal Fracture of a Killed Car and a 16-year-old Extinct Lady, and, furthermore, are investigating whether wandering and alcohol may also have been components.

The defunct 30-year-old singer and mother and mother of a 6-year-old extinct lady died Wednesday night after being hit by a three-car fracture in Taos County, where she was scheduled to play at Immense Barn. Dance Music Festival.

The Taos County Sheriff's topic of work acknowledged that Harris' Chevrolet Equinox crashed a Chevrolet Avalanche's loot, causing Harris's car to divert to visitors to the site as they arrived.

Harris and the driving force of the jeep, Maria Cruz, 16 years ago, were declared uninteresting on the scene. The third driver was no longer injured, the Associated Press reported.

Kylie Rae Harris.through Instagram

The fracture remains under investigation, however, Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe told NBC News in a press release on Saturday that "Leaving Cruz off once became an innocent victim of this unreasonable Harris fracture."

He acknowledged Cruz's father, Pedro, who works as a firefighter and emergency medical technician in Taos County and his death "shudders" the neighborhood.

On the day of the break, Harris sent several tearful movies to her Instagram fable by which she talked about visiting Taos as a child and acknowledged that family members living there had died.

"For those who don't know, I spent the last 20 years of my Taos lifestyle with my father, my sisters, my grandparents lived here, my uncle still lives here," he acknowledged in a video. "Literally, all the people who once came here gave up, except my uncle, to my father's side."

Hogrefe-recognized researchers suspect that wandering and alcohol may also have been components of the fracture, and a toxicology report "will check or scream alcohol or diversified substances in both drivers." Pricing results can no longer be filed in the case "as a result of the death of the guilty person," Hogrefe acknowledged that the toxicology report can also take months and even a full year.

Harris manager Alex Torrez acknowledged in a press release on Wednesday that he said he was "heartbroken" over the death of the singer.

"Everyone who knew Kylie knew how much she loved her house and, moreover, how much she loved melody," Torrez acknowledged. "As a matter of fact, a first-rate tribute to your unparalleled enthusiasm for both is to show as much esteem as you could almost definitely by chance almost definitely also today, and to hear songs that totally inspire you."


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