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The Ferrera USA, Eva Longoria, Diane Guerrero and more than 100 lucky Latin American actors spoke on Friday in an initial letter “to improve the Latin Quarter” after mass that took pictures in El paso.

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Jennifer Lopez, Diego Luna, Ricky Martin, Lin-Manuel Miranda and others were also phase of the highly effective letter to highlight, hope however also madness and despair.

“As a Latina, my heart breaks with all attacks on our dignity, humanity and lives. And as an American, I suffer from the device in which my country is advanced when our culture and insurance policies do not have a general decency and are appreciated by human existence, ”Ferrera wrote in an announcement for the letter.

The mass taking pictures in Texas earlier this month took the lives of 22 people, with dozens of other injuries. One at a time, 9 people were killed in a missive, actually taking pictures in Dayton, Ohio.

The alleged El Paso sniper took pictures of the store, officials said, so Mexicans would be abolished before he implemented the attack.

Longoria and others had been frank in their desire to reform their weapons following the two massacres.

This letter, however, focused on appreciating and improving for the Latin Quarter.

El Paso taking photos took a scratch at a Walmart to reach the Mexican border.

“We are facing a correct disaster in our country and have selected to use this moment to raise our voices and focus. Integrity begins with an examination of maintenance and this letter appeals to all people, not our neighborhood now, to gain humanity and decency over hatred and violence, ”Longoria said in the delivery.

The letter reads as follows:

Considering that you too would be scared, heartbroken, and defeated by the barrage of assaults in our neighborhood, you wouldn't be alone either.

Now we had been stained by political rhetoric and murdered in violent hate crimes. Now we had been separated from our families and filled watched our caged premature life. We had now focused on ICE mass shootings and mass attacks aimed at terrorizing us, crushing our hope and ruining our spirits.

However, we are potentially not broken. We are potentially now unmuted. We will be able to report any hateful and inhuman medicine in our neighborhood. We will be able to demand dignity and justice.

While the exact danger and pain is sweeping through our communities, we remain highly effective. The indignities and cruelties we have filled will in no way persist, alternating the truth that the contributions we make to this country are worthwhile. Our humanity needs to be revered. And we do not cease to organize for ourselves our early life and the soul of this nation.

For our allies who feel the danger of our neighborhood, we prefer you. We will now be unable to realize alternatives without their voices and actions. We nominate you to focus aloud against hatred, to contribute your resources to organizations that improve our neighborhood, and to preserve our guilty leaders.

We demand that you be part of us in building a closer country, building all of us are safe and valued. We could turn this time of despair into a time of action. We could devour for everyone else to be the kind guide in these dark times.

Last week, Longoria observed "Strahan & Sara" and delivered a message to her native Texas.

"It's heartbreaking and horrible always," the actress and activist said. "I factual demands that private people now do not numb bag to him … We can not preserve numb, we fill to fill the action."

"It's positively a mental challenge to be a disgrace," she commented, but added that "we would prefer a gun reform."


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