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WASHINGTON – The United States will not grant temporary protection status to Bahamian people displaced by Hurricane Dorian, a government official told NBC News. Currently, the same status is granted to over 300,000 people living in…

The Nature Trump administrator did not receive an accurate short-term contribution to Bahamians who fled Hurricane Dorian.


WASHINGTON – The US will not now grant a precise short-term draw to people from the Bahamas displaced by Hurricane Dorian, a loyal administration advised NBC News.

The draw would allow Bahamians to work and reside in the US unless it is considered safe to return home. The same draw is currently awarded to more than 300,000 US residents from 10 locations around the world, along with the victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Acting Commissioner for Customs and Border Protection Trace Morgan recognized on Monday that the Trump administration used to ponder the possibility of granting an accurate and short-term draw to people fleeing the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian devastated two known islands there.

Bahamians can rest on speed in the US, when they essentially have the toughest transportation paperwork, but now they can't get work permits.

On Monday, 1,500 victims of Dorian had compared to the US after the storm swept across the Bahamas.

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Julia Ainsley is a correspondent for the Department of Birth Safety Localization and the Justice Department of the NBC News Investigative Unit.

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Trump administrator received no precise short-term tie to Bahamians who fled Hurricane Dorian

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