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On Thursday, President Donald Trump once again defended his claim that Alabama was on its way to Hurricane Dorian, stating that protection from the ordeal – coupled with its weekly hurricane display – appears to have been medicated to help the state. train – "humiliate" him.

“In the early days of the hurricane, when Dorian was scheduled to pass through Miami or West Palm Beach, even before arriving in the Bahamas, some items strongly insisted that Alabama and Georgia be hit as this happened. via Florida and the Gulf, " Trump tweeted. "As a change, turned north and climbed, the retreat aside continues now."

"On the Florida mannequin, Alabama Colossal Command would continue to be hit or injured," he continued. “On the path you took, no. Read my FEMA FULL statement. What I said was as soon as excellent! All Faux News repeating to humiliate! "

Trump card returned to the topic again about two hours latertweeting: “Alabama was soon hit or grazed, and then Hurricane Dorian took an unbiased route (along the East Flee). Faux News knows this very well. That's why Faux News! "

Much to the confusion of some, when the hurricane route was so soon designed on Sunday to climb the East Flee while preserving Alabama, Trump tweeted: “Booting in Florida – South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, will seemingly be hit harder, more challenging than anticipated.”

About 20 minutes later, the Nationwide Climate Provider in Birmingham, Alabama, tweeted: “Alabama will NOT see any impact from #Dorian"Since the storm" will remain far beyond the east. "

Later that day, Trump twice suggested to reporters that Alabama was as soon as it was on the storm route, stating from the Marine One's door that “Alabama recovers a portion of it, it seems esteemed” and, later, in a Federal Emergency. Management Company briefing, stating the storm "may also honestly win back a small portion of a mountainous arrangement: it's called Alabama."

Trump continued to press the clarify Monday. Concerned that an ABC News document checked the truth on the Alabama train, the president tweeted, “This kind of fake hurricane document from the @ABCWorldNews kind reporter @jonkarl. I asked the day that passed at FEMA that, along with Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, until Alabama is ready to go, which was excellent. "

So, on WednesdayTrump delivered an opinion as if it were a medical settlement within the Oval Annex, as well as work showing that Alabama was on Dorian's route. The arrangement Trump displayed was as soon as the link to a dummy produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – closing the week – much earlier than its route along the East Flee materialized – showing the projected hurricane route narrowing through the center. from Florida.

However, there was as soon as one of the main inequalities: where the single projection ended, a smaller dark circle that seemed to be drawn by hand with a Sharpie integrated Alabama into the dummy.

President Donald Trump, with an early projection arrangement of Hurricane Dorian within the Oval Annex aside at work on September 4, 2019.Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Asked later that day about the discrepancy with the single arrangement, Trump said, “I don't know anymore. I build I don't know anymore.

The episode prompted network customers to post a series of memes under the hashtag #sharpiegate on Twitter.

Hours later, Trump tweeted another deal dated Aug. 28 – a day older than what he exhibited at Oval Attach beyond work – showing Alabama in the crosshairs. The image, credited to the South Florida Water Management District, involves sensual impressions that read, “County Hurricane Center and Emergency Management Statements replace this mission. Perhaps this chart can also be honest, but complement, not change, the NHC discussions. "

“If anything on this chart causes confusion, ignore the entire product,” explains the note.


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