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WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump was in talks with senior Senate members about gun management laws after mass shootings that left more than 30 useless this month.

Senators with whom Trump has been discussing a bill, in tune with a trusted senior administration, include Chris Murphy, D-Conn., One in each of the Senate's top gun management advocates, along with Pat Toomey, R -Pan. and Joe Manchin, DW.Va., two authors of a 2013 background check bill, which was not released after Sandy Hook Elementary School took pictures.

White Apartment and Senate advisers also met to discuss the difficulty, undoubtedly marking the most substantial talks the Trump administration had, so the gun management policies were adopted. The conferences were first reported by The Contemporary York Times.

Trump mentioned last week that he had "considerable increases" to possible original measures to tighten gun client examinations, claiming that even Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell R-Ky. the hassle.

“I spoke to Mitch McConnell the day before at the time. He is completely on board. He mentioned, "I've been waiting for your call," Trump said on August 9, sooner than leaving White Apartment for his summer retreat in Bedminster, Contemporary Jersey. “I spoke to the senators that under some circumstances, my friends, but rather exhaustive line senators … exhaustive line in the 2nd Amendment.”

"And besides, they realize, we don't want insane people, mentally ill people, rude people, abominable people, we don't want guns inside the fingers of rude people," Trump mentioned.

After February 2018 taking pictures at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High College in Parkland, Florida, which left 17 meaningless college students and teachers, the president of the muse indicated that he possibly additionally reinforce hold tight background exams for gun clientsbut retreated and how a different threw his flesh in lending the hand of a proposal to arm and prepare some teachers in exercise firearms and known for institutionalizing mentally ill people who believed to be violence. Trump has also moved to ban collisions, devices that allow semi-computerized fire rifles to repeatedly love machine guns.

In February, the Democrat-controlled apartment delivered two funds that may own tight fund gun client examinations, but the Republican-controlled Senate never took over both funds, and Trump promised to veto the laws.

President, his daughter Ivanka Trump and senior White Apartment officials began talks with key senators last week about the possible increase in legislative arms management, and this week talks began on the staff stage to begin work on the lyrics. lowercase.

In background exams, White Apartment is believing in a dummy bill after the Toomey-Manchin laws that failed after Sandy Hook took pictures in 2012, in line with a trusted senior administration. Even assuming the project was not a success, White Apartment says it believes it has a first payment policy framework and a bipartisan increase.

The White Apartment is not thinking of asking Congress to close a federal "red flag" regulation in line with the trusted one, but talking a lot about working with lawmakers to set up a framework for states to apply within the event they preserve. to connect suppose they have such prison indicators.

White Apartment may also work with Senator Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., Who heads the Judiciary Committee, on possible changes to the federal death penalty statute.

Sen. Lamar Alexander, Republican of Tennessee, chairman of the Senate Health, Training, Labor and Pensions Committee, moves once again to a White Apartment meeting on the difficulty on Tuesday, spokesman Taylor Haulsee said. . Alexander is among McConnell's presidents charged with stepping up with alternative legislative options to deal with armed violence.

"I am writing to look for data from your solutions on bipartisan proposals within the jurisdiction of the HELP committee that may also encourage future mass shootings to love sizzling tragedies in California, Texas and Ohio," wrote Alexander in a letter obtained from NBC to his committee members on Friday.

Alexander mentioned that he asked his committee officials “to evaluate existing mental and university security programs, collectively with the appropriate funding levels for those programs, and to investigate the funds that had been provided within the committee's jurisdiction so that we could possibly begin. as the belief in bipartisan proposals to offer viable alternative choices to this crisis. ”

In addition, White Apartment has been seeking members of Congress to discuss actions that will apparently be taken on mental health and video game and entertainment violence, although no explicit law is being proposed on either side.

McConnell, who has been resisting choosing gun management laws, is fervent with White Apartment during the process. Trump has received criticism from advisers and allies about the political and political risks that the exploitation of original weapons laws would bring beyond being reliable but so unwavering.


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