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Comedian Whitney Cummings posted a picture of her breast Monday night after we announced that the company with the listing was threatening to put her on the market if she didn't pay.

Cummings wrote on every Twitter and Facebook that she accidentally shared the nipple picture in her Instagram stories in April, but deleted it as soon as she noticed the supervision.

She talked about some of us who had the veil gripped the image that were threatening the piece. Some tried to blackmail her, announcing that maybe they could tell if she didn't pay them. And some announced that they would promote the listing.

"Everyone must think I'm more notorious than me, yet they also need to think I'm more intentional without effort than me. If anyone's going to have money or like my nipple, it's me. So here's everything, you silly idiots, ”Cummings posted with the image in question, along with a veil from anyone on social media asking,“ How unheard of it is that the payment stops composing this listing? ”

“When a lady of the last undercover agent is extorted, we now get the time, money, and vitality we face by hiring lawyers and security consultants, and living with a pit in the belly about when and how we might perhaps be humiliated. ”Cummings wrote. "You can get my nipple, but no more my time or money."

She said she wasn't going to say the names of us trying to extort her “because only some of them might, presumably beyond that, be very kindly sad children” and “I would no longer prefer the tiresome tips I once was. young to study me endlessly, or else, at any time, anyone came to me on Google, they watched me steal a shirt from NO FEAR. "

Thanks to everyone who sent me embarrassing pictures of themselves to make me feel bigger about my embarrassing list. That means the arena for me, however, I would no longer freak out as you stopped sending me pictures of your hairy balls.

– Whitney Cummings (@WhitneyCummings) August 13, 2019

Cummings, 36, later thanked his friends and fans for showing off the purchase, sending him embarrassing photos, and only a few of them retweeted.

Others have expressed their purchase for the hashtag Cummings resolution #istandwithwhitney, to which Cummings replied: "No one is more upset than me who #istandwithwhitney It's not about Whitney Houston.

Cummings talked about the attention that resulted in new threats from us talking about getting input to your iCloud.

“I'm going to be radiant, I can take most of my nudes. Frankly, I'm more embarrassed by the inspirational quotes I came to, ”she said.


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