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ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – On her fourth birthday, Whitaker Weinburger wanted a yellow toy truck that resembled her favorite Transformers character, Bumblebee. But what the birthday boy got when he walked out the front door on Wednesday morning became a great extra.

Dozens of real-life yellow cars and trucks were gathered at the entrance to Whitaker's rental, with many extras lining his one-mile drive to preschool. All of this, a fragment of a fable birthday surprise organized by others to contain their first birthday once a year since being diagnosed cancer-free.

Whitaker Weinburger celebrates his Bumblebee themed birthday in Alexandria, Virginia, on September 11, 2019.Sarah Ploss / NBC News

"He's healthy, stable and totally ecstatic, and we really don't have any preconceptions that he can have a uniform time and be among the other people in general," said his mother, Erin Weinburger.

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When he became as much as possible an extinct year, Whitaker was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a form of cancer. He has gone through years of surgery, chemotherapy and blood transfusions. Previous birthdays have been spent fighting for your life.

"It became devastating to know that he had cancer," said Erin. "It's catastrophic to hear that about your son."

Whitaker Weinburger celebrates his second birthday on September 11, 2017.Courtesy of the Weinburger Family

The child has been enjoying yellow cars repeatedly and, in most cases, exclaims "Bumblebee" every time he sees one. Whitaker's father, Seth Weinburger, decided to set up a neighbor's search file to park his yellow car at the entrance to Whitaker's birthday as a special surprise. Erin wondered if they could, quite unprejudiced, happen to be inches larger and rank enough yellow cars to line the street. She built the word on Fb, and the epic fleet unfolds.

Within the estate, more than 100 yellow cars and supporters turned up in surprise, according to the Alexandria Sheriff's Division.

"It's much bigger than I thought," said Erin. "It's amazing. I can write down how gigantic it is."

Patricia Jones Johnson lives in the contemporary city of York, but drove her yellow car after learning about Whitaker's epic at Fb.

Yellow cars line the street in Alexandria, Virginia, for a Bumblebee themed birthday occasion in Alexandria, Virginia, on September 11, 2019.Julia Metjian / NBC News

"He was so good," she said. "I needed to be here and harden it."

Before dawn, the sheriff's division stepped into the neighborhood, organizing yellow cars and trucks, so that everything was in trouble when Whitaker left the preschool rent.

"I drove by chance an hour earlier, without prejudice, to offend all the people in line and I was crying all my trip here," said Melissa Poggio, a professor at Whitaker College. "I couldn't notice that so many people spoke up for it."

"Here's the flexibility of the honest neighborhood here," said Erin. “It's purely insane here. He will keep that in mind continually. "


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