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CEOs of more than 100 companies are participating in the country's arms debate, begging Congress to expand background checks and pass a strong "red flag" law. Interested in Gun Control? Add Gun Control as a concern to keep up with the latest ABC News gun control news, videos, and reviews. In…


CEOs of more than 100 corporations are participating in the country's arms debate, begging Congress to extend background testing and create a stable "red flag" law.

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In a letter sent to the Senate on Thursday, CEOs of companies like Airbnb, Twitter and Uber asked Congress for an invoice to demand background checks on all gross arms sales and a stable red flag law that would allow courts to scream extremes that save lives. risk safety orders.

The country's background testing law wants to increase as much as it does now, CEOs argued, saying this law does not reproduce how Americans currently buy weapons.

York's Unique Cases were transformed as documented in the letter.

The CEO letter comes after shootings at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, with the same intelligence as those in western Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

Earlier this month, Walmart decided to stop gross sales of clear arms ammunition, and it will also stop gross revolver sales in Alaska.

The retailer is additionally requesting potential customers to carry firearms openly at Walmart and Sam's Membership stores, unless they are law enforcement officials. However, it mentioned that it will not change its policy for buyers who obtain hidden elevation licenses. Walmart says that this could occasionally include in-store signage to show the prospects of these adjustments.

Other retail outlets, including Walgreens and Kroger, followed the breeze with Publix – Florida's largest supermarket chain – announcing on Thursday it is far beyond asking potential customers not to openly fire firearms in their stores. .

Senators, who returned from recess this week, are pushing to demand background testing for most gross arms sales and made an original speech to President Donald Trump on Wednesday as part of an effort to break the deadlock over legislation to curb armed violence after a summer season of more mass shootings.

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CEOs address armed violence, need congressional motion

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