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Three couples filing a lawsuit now is not an easy Virginia requirement that people seeking a marriage license set their speed.

The smart tear used to be reported Thursday in the Jap district of Virginia, and classifies grumbling status as "offensive," "unconstitutional," and "a reflection of a racist past."

One in each of the couples, Sophie Rogers and her fiancé, Brandyn Churchill, went to the job of Rockbridge court court clerk to set up a marriage license before the October 19 wedding ceremony, and it was often reported that at the time where now they do not claim their speed, they have not received their license.

Samuel Sarfo and Ashley Ramkishun.Claudia Borges Studios LLC

Ashley Ramkishun and her fiance Samuel Sarfo also need to get married in Virginia, the mission the couple met and the mission Sarfo has at home. But they save now, need not be forced to set their speed to acquire a marriage license, the smart tear of the states.

Amelia Spencer and her boyfriend, Kendall Poole, are relocating to Unique York City, however, they hope to get Virginia to get married "still, not if [they] need to speed up."

All three couples were denied their marriage license after refusing to say their speed, the tear says.

“The plaintiffs measured the requirement of racial labeling to be scientifically unfounded, misleading, extremely controversial, a matter of thought, virtually useless, offensive to human dignity, an invasion of non-public privacy, forcing unwanted public categorization and reflecting a racist past.” declares the process.

Virginia is one of eight states that urges couples to set their speed earlier than they get married, according to the lawsuit. The others include Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana and Minnesota. In Unique Hampshire, a court clerk provides solutions only at the speed of a few couples. Alabama has couples who absorb a certificate "that requires an announcement of their speed," the lawsuit says.

Brandyn Churchill and Sophie Rogers.Christophe Genty Photography

The authors also argued that there is not always a uniformity between counties on racial labels. In Arlington, the spouse designated by two of the couples set up a license to spend: American Indian / Alaskan native; African American / shadowy; Asian; Caucasian; Hispanic / Latino; Pacific Islands or Other.

In Rockbridge County, there used to be a list of "accredited races" that included "Aryan," "Octoroon," "Quadroon," and "Mulatto," the smart tear of states.

A lawyer for couples who need to get married in Virginia sent a letter to Governor Ralph Northam asking him to "get what needed to be done to get the right aspect of the historical past." Loving Case v. Virginia in 1967 whereby the Supreme Court overturned Virginia law – and any authorized guidelines – prohibiting interracial marriage.

“When describing to marry, the complainants have loved the Lovings for 61 years, must agree to an unjustified, offensive, and unconstitutional invasion of their internal lives, or, with reference to the desire to marry in Virginia, learn about other places to marry them. get married, ”states the lawsuit.

The plaintiffs are seeking "cheap costs," including on charges of lawyers. Rogers and Churchill are also asking the court order to restrict the clerk from denying them a marriage license so they can get married the following month.


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