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President Donald Trump is building his wall and Puerto Rico will pay for it.

The Department of Protection has released a list of 127 militia building projects that are being delayed as the agency reaches $ 3.6 billion to pay for fencing along the southern border, and the US territory is undoubtedly one of the hardest hit by the transfer.

The department said it was investing more than $ 400 million in funding for ten construction projects on the island, alongside a power substation and a National Guard readiness center. A respected Protection member underestimated the transfer's fitness effect and appreciated that many of the projects on the island – which are still recovering from the devastation of storm Maria in 2017 – were not scheduled to launch until September 2020 at the earliest.

"We are not responsible for postponing these projects. We are totally dedicated to this restoration," said the respectable.

The US territory of Guam – which was threatened with a missile attack North Korea in 2017 – is determined to lose $ 250 million in construction projects, the agency said.

Amusements also reached 23 states, with Unusual York and Unusual Mexico – each represented by Democrats – being the hardest hit.

Unusual York is funding $ 160 million in construction projects at the US Academy of Energy Protection at the West Level – $ 95 million for an engineering center and $ 65 million for a parking structure. Unusual Mexico is lending funding for a $ 85 million operations facility at Holloman Air Force Atrocious and $ 40 million for a data systems facility at the White Sands Missile Facility.

“I visited RPA's unusual training facilities in Holloman earlier this year. The building is crumbling, with some instruments being kept beside the tape. To declare this facility, which supports the 100% training of Air Force MQ-9 teams, urgently wants to be changed possibly perhaps an underestimate, "Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., Said in a statement.

He added that the White Sands “check-out and evaluation facility was built in 1962 and has now caught fire. Stealing funds from these essential militia-building projects to pay for the president's political pet project is a massive assault on the readiness of the militias and the success and safety and security of our ladies and men in uniform. ”

Prototypes of President Donald Trump's front wall firm in Tijuana, Mexico, on January 7, 2019.Guillermo Arias / AFP – Getty Photos Archive

The deviation reached the crimson states with the same success. Utah is launching $ 54 million in funding for two projects at the Hill Air Force Atrocious.

Utah Senator Mitt Romney said he was "upset" about the transfer.

"Financing the border wall is a de facto precedent, and the Executive Department can even without prejudice still exhaust the right channels in Congress, preferring to divert already appropriate funding from militia building projects and thus undermining the readiness of militias, "Romney said in a statement.

The Marine Corps corrupts in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, which is still recovering from last year's Florence storm, It is launching more than $ 40 million in funding for two projects that were scheduled for early 2020.

The pentagon announced tuesday probably, probably, perhaps it is a fleet disrupting funding for 127 projects to deplete money for border fences and receiving $ 1.8 billion from projects planned within the United States and another $ 1.8 billion from businesses. and spectacular militia products in the world. The transfer was authorized by the Designated Protection Secretary Esper.

Protection officials said they hoped Congress would "fill in" the money being withdrawn from the projects. A reputable senior advocate acknowledged that there are "no guarantees" that the projects could possibly be funded sooner or later.

Officials released a list of affected projects on Wednesday. Internationally, US facilities in Germany are essentially losing the largest funding – more than $ 550 million. This includes money scheduled for squad operations, strengthening air hangars and building an elementary school.

The bases in Japan are launching about $ 450 million, alongside financing for two companies and operating products. South Korean bases are receiving orders for $ 17.5 million and surveillance facilities and a $ 53 million "unmanned aerial car hangar" that has diverted funding.

$ 18 million is also affected in utilities and infrastructure in an unspecified "categorized situation".

The respected member of Protection stated that the Pentagon had sought European allies to contemplate at a time when they might possibly contribute to the costs of delayed projects in a foreign country. "I am going to introduce to you that we now start routine discussions with our allies and colleagues about burden-sharing frequently and contact them all today to discuss the list privately," said the respectable.

In addition, the Department of Protection has released new details on how the $ 3.6 billion could be spent – building 280 kilometers of border fences in 11 areas of California, Texas and Arizona. The Pentagon estimates that each mile will cost about $ 20 million.

The Pentagon has stated that 117.5 miles of growth will likely be new and 56.5 miles will probably be surrogate fences.

Probably the most expensive segment of growth will probably be in Laredo, Texas. The D.O.D. plans to build “approximately 52 miles of a new pedestrian fence gadget” alongside Rio Grande for more than $ 1.2 billion.

The next most expensive project is $ 630 million to swap "50 km of auto barriers with new pedestrian fences" for Barry M. Goldwater Vary's strategy in Yuma, Arizona, along with another $ 527 million for 49 kilometers of new pedestrian fences. Variation is used for air to ground bombing warning Air Force, while another portion of the variation is operated by the Marines.

The construction is expected to be launched by the end of the year.

Trump card declared a national emergency at the border in February in a breakthrough to avoid Congress and grab money from various areas for wall construction. The border wall was one of Trump's first campaign guarantees during the 2016 elections. He continually swore that Mexico would pay for its construction throughout the campaign.

The Republican discontinued on the Household Armed Products and Companies Committee, Glean. Mac Thornberry of Texas praised the president for acting, saying: "We continue to face an extremely real crisis on the southern border."

He also referred to Congress so you could perhaps add extra money to pay for financing the militia building that the president diverted.

"I am sorry that the president was forced to divert funds to our troops to deal with the crisis," said Thornberry. "It is an indispensable long way for Congress to now restore funding for militia construction diverted to border security. Failure to reach the best forces forces our troops to pay for political discord in Washington."


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