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Antonio Brown offered 837 catches and 4 All-Pro performances before exhausting his welcome after nine seasons in Pittsburgh. He played in Oakland even before playing a game for the Raiders.

Brown's tumultuous possession in Oakland came to an abrupt end here on Saturday, when the Raiders granted birth to those who were unhappy two days before the season began, following a string of fines and explosions on social networks and the conscious subject.

"We fixed the total exhaustion," said coach Jon Gruden. “We tried every imaginable skill to work. All I will disclose is that it is disappointing. "

Barely giving Raiders a tall, well-known person from the Oakland closing season, before relocating to Las Vegas, Brown offered months of complications, from a strange foot injury to a helmet fight to this week's explosions that ended his life. profession with the Raiders.

Brown requested the birth after he used to get upset with his most modern team, inviting her to a burst of consciousness from total supervisor Mike Mayock. That invitation allowed the Raiders to void more than $ 29 million in guarantees over the next two years on Brown's contract if he wasn't on the team.

The Raiders were relying heavily on Brown after switching two Pittsburgh picks in March for the best player in the game. In addition, they were given a three-year contract fee of $ 50.1 million, which can now happen to be canceled after birth, despite the undeniable fact that Brown may happen to make a silent complaint to obtain better the money guaranteed.

"Now that Antonio is a free agent, we are fascinated with the future and will work directly to hire him for a unique brand team," said agent Drew Rosenhaus. "Antonio is looking forward to a unique start of the reserved brand."

The final twist of this melodrama in Oakland comes a day after Brown returned to the team after a one-day ban and apologized at a meeting and a transient public statement. Gruden mentioned that the idea used to be for Brown to play Monday night's opening as opposed to Denver, but that was modified after Brown requested and received his birth.

"It was crazy," said receiver Tyrell Williams. “In fact, we feel the way all Americans feel. It was wild, it was crazy, it was amazing. But let's get out of there and play anyway. He made that resolution. We will get out of there and play as we will play. "

Brown wrote in his Instagram memoirs on Saturday that he is not excited now but wants the "freedom" to refute his skeptics.

"I have even worked my whole life to hide that the system is blind to observing sophisticated mine skills," he wrote. “Now that all Americans see this, they need me to conform to the same system that has failed me all these years. Now I am not infected with anyone. I am correctly requesting the freedom to display hide all they pass. Start with me @raiders. #No longer"

A person familiar with the procedure suggested to the Associated Press that Brown had been fined by the team on Friday for the clash with Mayock in conscience two days earlier. The person spoke to the AP anonymously because the invitation was not launched. This mess came after Brown posted a letter Mayock sent him detailing nearly $ 54,000 in fines for lack of awareness and explanation.

ESPN reported that the one-time invitation used to be $ 215,073 for conduct that was detrimental to staff. This allowed the Raiders to look brown before the season opened, without having to pay him more than he guarantees.

Brown later sent an email to ESPN stating, "No skills I play after they took this and made my contract week by week."

Brown also posted a video on Youtube Friday night, which involves the audio of a telephone conversation with Gruden from an unspecified date. Gruden asks Brown if he wants to be a raider. Brown mentioned yes and the question is whether the Raiders need him. Gruden then asks Brown to end the total theater and the "right play." How hard is that? You are a great participant. Factual game.

The video ends with Brown stating, “I'm more than right to participate, man. I am a suitable person. It's not about football. I know I can develop this. I show hiding it every day. This is my life. There are no extra games. "

The Raiders got Brown after he received a welcome in Pittsburgh. Oakland gave up entirely on a third and fifth spherical for the quadruple All-Pro receiver and gave it a big expansion.

The Raiders were relying heavily on Brown to provoke a missing player offense a year ago. Brown had 686 catches and 9,145 yards receiving the previous six seasons in Pittsburgh, the precise scores of a receiver over a six-year period.

But now they need to transfer without it.

"It's been an emotional thing for me," said Gruden. “I was very hopeful about what he might, by chance, happen to express here. Unfortunately, now it will not happen. He is a right man. He is misunderstood by so many people, but he is a right man, a broad participant and I hope he gets what he is trying to get. "

Brown used to be unable to become conscious before practicing the entire camp after suffering toe burns during a cryotherapy accident in France. It used to be activated on July 28th and took the phase in a walkthrough and the phase of being conscious of leaving the team to seek toe therapy and fight the NFL and the avid players' union over your helmet.

Brown has lost two complaints to the league and is trying to notify a faded helmet, now banned for safety reasons. He ceased to be conscious on August 18, prompting Mayock to explain an ultimatum to Brown being "in or out of everything" and handing him a $ 40,000 invitation.

Brown returned to the team the next day, but then didn't mind the indispensable walkthrough of an August 22 screening in Canada, leading to a second invitation of $ 13,950.

Brown has had several successful riots in Pittsburgh, leading to the team's resolution to change him, even assuming he has exceeded 100 receptions and 1,200 yards in all of the previous six seasons.


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