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Leaders of the US Navy SEAL 7 elite team were released from account Friday after allegations of a sexual assault and drink were raised while units were deployed in Iraq, security force officials said.

A protection officer instructed NBC News that the action was once connected to an explanation of a lady who talked about her became sexually assaulted by a crew member on July 4 and allegations that platoon participants were drinking in the combat zone.

The three crew leaders are being held responsible for the personality of their platoon, the legitimate protection mentioned.

The three, identified as commander. Edward Mason, the commander; Lieutenant Commander. Luke Im, the director of government; and Mumble Grasp chief Hugh Spangler, the main leader enlisted in the platoon, will be transferred to other jobs, talking about the Battle of Private Naval Captain Tamara Lawrence.

An unlisted crew member could no longer be relocated, Lawrence commented.

"Reliefs are the devastating result of a loss of self-confidence in their ability to list and ability to lead, respectively, after management failures that resulted in an appropriate goal break, exposing and disciplining the interior of the unit while deployed in a zone. combat "she said.

The circular adopted an announcement by General Richard Clarke in August a thorough assessment of the customs and ethnicities of the particular operations forces. He cited "the most modern incidents".

In late August, NBC News bought a memorandum from Rear Admiral Collin Green, commander of the Private Naval Battle Mumble, who called for radical adjustments and criticized a drift "of the navy's core values ​​of honor, courage and dedication" and "lack of action in any admired administration area. "

In the memo, Green advises on a “basic” management methodology.

Green redeployed Crew 7 leaders, Lawrence said. The legitimate protection spoke about they were waiting for the transfer.

Individually in July, Head of Private Operations Edward Gallagher was acquitted by a Protection Force jury on the death of a young ISIS fighter when he was seconded to Crew 7 in Iraq in 2017.


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