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NEWTON, Iowa – Moments happen at some point in the country. Little faces, peering away from their fogeys, or shyly accepting a microphone because the room is silent. They produce comparative contact with a superior lifestyle presidential candidate and ask: Can you keep me safe in college? Can you stop the shooting?

Children's questions develop into a hallmark of the 2020 presidential campaign, with almost every candidate facing some version of the similar emotional construction.

Probably Senator Cory Booker bought a soccer ball to build an espresso for when he visited 8-year-old Scout Maloney at a metropolis runner tournament in Nashua, Hampshire last month. This is not what he got.

"What did you come up with about college shootings?" Scout asked, telling Booker, D-N.J., That she and her brother were studying at home because their horror fogeys might become victims of gun violence.

Scout Maloney embraces Senator Cory Booker, D-NJ, at a contemporary Hampshire tournament in July.Courtesy of the Maloney Family

Booker urged Maloney – and his nerds – to believe that he is the strongest thinking between the two countries in 2020 to stop the massacres, announcing that perhaps by chance, by chance, there may be a need for national licensing and weapons registration. of fire. He additionally added deeper contact.

“I'm very tired, Scout, and I'm offended,” he acknowledged, “because I'm a person of faith in particular, and I hear these people coming up with tips and prayers, but I've learned that faith without jobs is without imagination. "

In Scout's case, her fogeys also attended the tournament and encouraged her daughter to ask about building an express. In some cases, older students are people from advocacy groups, admire Every Metropolis for Gun Security.

After a mass shootout at the North Carolina College on Charlotte's campus in April, university security was filled with tips for college student Milan Underberg, who dismissed while questioning Beto O'Rourke when he visited his comparison room. here newton

“I am worried that in the future I will gallop to college and will not go for any gimmicks. … I'm sorry, ”she acknowledged, stopping to herself and then continuing with the tears. "What actions will you take to provide protection for people who admire me and my classmates from this?"


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