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About 18 months have passed since the Investor Relations Department and the Investor Relations Department were legally authorized to withdraw passports from those who owed an excessive amount of reduction taxes. The application, however, is in ruin rising.

About 400,000 taxpayers have been warned that their passports are in danger because of non-payment. tax payments $ 52,000 or more, constant with CNBC. As of July 1, most of the 200 effective people paid your payments, with another 1,400 going on rate agreements.

The IRS has gained the ability to confiscate passports as a phase of America's Ground Transportation Fixing Act (FAST). The IRS appoints the Relationship Department, which is required to increase the taxpayer's passport or denial request, and provides the agency with the right to revoke any present passport if it so wishes.

"The IRS could possibly advise revocation if the IRS had reversed certification of a taxpayer thanks to its promise to pay, they generally did not pay," the tax agency acknowledged. "HI RS You may also ask Relate to revoke a passport if the taxpayer can use foreign actions or searches to resolve your debt, but choose not to.

HI RS delinquent taxpayers alerted he would be taking high lend a hand of the FAST law in a statement last week.

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