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Or it is no longer Wednesday, August 14, 2019. Let's be born here.

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1. "Worse than it will get bigger"

Chaos erupted again at Hong Kong World Airport on Tuesday, with thousands of democratic legitimacy. busy protesters terminal, leading to mass cancellations and violent clashes with the police.

"Undoubtedly, it seems that love could very well get worse sooner than it would get bigger," says Karson Yiu of ABC Files, which used to be in the airport. "I mediate each side are involved in the war of attrition and escalation for that matter."

The Chinese authorities supposed that the protests were drawing an end to "terrorism," as the Chinese media video came to confirm that the assembled armed forces reach the Hong Kong border for what was better known as exercises.

Fast-paced rhetoric, Yiu said in "Start Here," is Beijing signaling to police in Hong Kong "to use any strategy that mediates in a basic way to end this weekly cycle of chaos."

2. "Now we are late"

The US has postponed until December 15 a 10 percent tariff on $ 300 billion of Chinese imports, including mobile phones and laptops and toys, which were the subject of theft, ceases next month.

"We now have the delay, so they are no longer relevant to the Christmas shopping season either," President Donald Trump told reporters on Tuesday.

Wall Avenue has recovered from the facts, but the good looks of the Trump administration and its reverse focus could presumably also have an effect on ongoing barter negotiations with Rebecca Jarvis, ABC Files' chief business and economics correspondent.

"We could presumably also have given up just some of our levers here," says Jarvis, "in the history that we now have proven China that we are willing to change without any concessions on their part."

3. Folks

Amid a riot over the obvious suicide of sex trafficking accused Jeffrey Epstein in the presence of bars, Attorney General William Barr commissioned the director to be removed from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Ny and temporarily relocated.

Two guards on responsibility the night Epstein died were also dismissed by the Bureau of Prisons. The sources talked about each of the previous working time laws and allegedly did not observe the protocol requiring Epstein verification every 30 minutes.

As investigators proceed to inspect the conditions surrounding Epstein's loss of life, law enforcement officials continue their investigation into Epstein's alleged crimes. The FBI and the NYPD broke into Epstein Island Residence within the US Virgin Islands, looking for evidence of wealthy funders within the circle, sources told ABC Files.

"What they are looking for right now clearly has to invent with a variety of people besides Epstein," James Hill of ABC Files says in the podcast.

nature PHOTO: In this July 25, 1919 archival photo, an outside view of the Metropolitan Correctional Center prison is shown in New York's Manhattan neighborhood.
Brendan Mcdermid / Reuters, FILE
This July 25, 2019, describes an archive, an external withdrawal from the Metropolitan Correctional Center prison is proven within New York's NY neighborhood.

4. 2020 forecast

The massive Democratic theme of presidential candidates will be cleave up a lot when the third most important debate, organized by ABC Files in partnership with Univison, will be released in September in line with strict research and donor thresholds. Within the interim period, only a few of the lower-ranking aspirants are being asked to steal supply from many workplaces.

"Democrats are oblivious to their powerful victories in 2018," says Adam Kelsey of ABC Files. "We saw them gain 40 seats inside the House of Representatives, a different one from the governors' mansions, and so, in fact, they are now focused on trying to get their mind to attend the Senate."

Colorado and Texas are among Senate elections Democrats are keeping an eye on recent presidential candidates. Pass Gov. John Hickenlooper could also presumably also emerge as an entry corridor for face each other compared to Republican Senator Cory Gardner, and in Texas, Ragged Safe. Beto O'Rourke or Julian Castro could presumably also potentially rob Republican Senator John Cornyn. Weekend the Houston Yarn Editorial Board known as in O'Rourke to swap contests.

PHOTO: Democratic presidential candidate and former MP Beto ORourke hugs a woman at a makeshift memorial outside Walmart in honor of the victims of a mass shooting that killed 22 people on August 7, 1919 in El Paso , Texas.
Mario Tama / Getty Images
Democratic presidential candidate and safe. Beto O'Rourke hugs a woman at a makeshift memorial next to Walmart honoring victims of a mass mass that left 22 people uninteresting on August 7, 2019 in El Paso, Texas.

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In different locations:

"Same as drinking bleach": Don't drink anymore Miracle Mineral Recognition.

"My rhetoric brings people closer": ABC Files' assessment reveals no less than 36 criminal cases in which Trump used to be invoked in the explanatory connection. with violence or threats of violence.

"Law enforcement officers experience trauma on a regular basis": One more NYPD officer, the eight in 2019, seems to have committed suicide.

From our friends at FiveThirtyEight:

Sluggers of 20 and one baseball things are saving the sport: Are we really going to complain that there are too many residence races? Genuinely? Despite the undisputed truth that you invented stealing offense with the predominant type of baseball in 2019, the truth should not be inaccurate. that the rising stars of these days are objectively superior.

Doff your cover:

On this day, we are highlighting just some of the work of our friends at FiveThirtyEight and our co-workers at The Hint who have combined to invent a caring part in the search for reputable files related to US firearm injuries.

Given the frequency of mass shootings in 2019 – in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, California, Texas, Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Virginia, Washington, California, Missouri for the second time, California for the third time, Wisconsin, an extra in Texas and an extra in Ohio – and the clamor of politicians For a meaningful shift to US criminal indicators, reputable archives are a great fortress for the birth of this dialogue.

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