Trump business goes after inappropriate journalists from WaPost, suggests that they be barred from White Dwelling

President Trumpthe business Donald John TrumpPompeo pushed the speed of the Kansas media Senate Hill Archive 12:30: Trump analyzes Storm Dorian's projection Trump's mental decline is completely clear to those with eyes to look and ears to hear. MORE attacked two Washington Post journalists earlier Saturday, escalating the White House dispute with journalists over Trump government coverage.

Trump chased The Post's Philip Rucker and Ashley Parker in a tweet, calling them "two light and inappropriate journalists" and suggesting that they be barred from White Dwelling's grounds.

The president wrote that journalists "should not even be authorized on the basis of the White Dwelling, because their reporting is so disgusting and false."

The Washington Post & # 39; s @PhilipRucker (Mr. Out of Document) & @AshleyRParker, two light and inappropriate journalists, should not even be allowed on White Dwelling's premises, because their reporting is so disgusting and false. Also, add the appointment of MANY Federal Judges this summer season!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 7, 2019

White Dwelling did not respond directly to an interrogation for extra record data.

Trump's tweets came a day after two of White Dwelling's top officials wrote an opinion article in The Washington Examiner, criticizing The Post for a September 1 article describing "what some Trump advisers and allies symbolize as a lost summer, defined by self-inflicted controversy and missed opportunities."

Stephanie grishamthe business Stephanie grishamWhite Dwelling Officers Assault Washington Post for "Media Bias" CNN responds to White Dwelling and says it corrected the mistake of the plan: "You should all strive for the future." White Dwelling Swipes on CNN about plan showing Alabama as Mississippi MORE and Hogan Gidley, White Dwelling's press secretary and deputy press secretary, respectively, wrote that the Post declined to cite most of Trump's achievements from a list of 26 that became so soon equipped.

White Dwelling officials accused Rucker and Parker of "pushing their inner political account that President Trump had a" lost summer "of wasted opportunities and few accomplishments."

They cited Trump's historic encounter with Kim Jong Unthe business Kim Jong UnWhite Dwelling Officers Assault Washington Post for "Media Bias" A US-Iran agreement could, perhaps by chance, simply have a purpose in Israel's election and in Netanyahu's future. A North Korean submarine with nuclear missiles raises stakes MORE in North Korea, as successfully as its effort for a trade classifies Japan as examples that journalists no longer incorporated.

"In fact, Trump has amassed many successfully documented victories that directly benefited other American people at home and in a foreign country," wrote Grisham and Gidley.

“Media bias comes in two styles. It aims to decide which news is, and rarely stays longer, aligned and to start with the decision as This news is in line. In this case, the Post "journalists" are responsible for both. "

The Post defended its coverage in a note for the hill on Friday.

“Our memoir prominently highlights White Dwelling's list of accomplishments and quoted a White Dwelling spokesperson. He also recounted the Republicans' opinions, both in the archive and in the history, only some of which are part of the administration and some that exploit their performance from a distance, ”said Shani George, director of communications for The Post.

"Readers can decide for themselves whether our memories moderately represent a range of perspectives on the president's summer," he added.

White Dwelling is identified to savor a bitter relationship with many traditional media outlets, despite the fact that the Post has emerged as one of the president's many cessation targets, which constantly refer to the newspaper as "Amazon Washington". Post "in reference to the job owner, Jeff Bezosthe business Jeffrey Preston BezosWhite Dwelling Officers Assault Washington Post for "Media Bias" White Dwelling Swipes at the Washington Post in Reputable Video Celebrating 'Success' from Trump Trump criticizes the media, Labor Day Democrats tweets MORE, founder and CEO of Amazon.

Trump's tweets on Saturday precipitated an instant reaction from journalists, including a number of Post workers who defended journalists:

My colleagues @AshleyRParker and @PhilipRucker they are cautious and meticulous journalists, no longer to introduce other palatable people.
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– Carlos Lozada (@CarlosLozadaWP) September 7, 2019

It is certainly appropriate to work with @AshleyRParker and @PhilipRucker, who are great colleagues and journalists. That is all.

– Josh Dawsey (@ jdawsey1) September 7, 2019

In fact, one Saturday morning clarifies that @AshleyRParker and @PhilipRucker they are just some of the most hardworking and demanding journalists – and they are incredibly friendly and attentive, after all.

– Hadas Gold (@Hadas_Gold) September 7, 2019

I hope visitors to my site @PhilipRucker and @AshleyRParker they're honing their well-deserved Pulitzer Prizes and having a substantial weekend because they're great people. But they are potentially working because they are experts and what they enact is appropriate.

– Kimberly Atkins (@KimberlyEAtkins) September 7, 2019

To discover @PhilipRucker and @AshleyRParker, who will retain the questions. @washingtonpost

– Robert Costa (@costareports) September 7, 2019

No, Mr. President. They are two of the company's essentially most successful, appropriate, and direct journalists. And to begin with, they are amazing people too. His most internal attacks on them (and other journalists) are totally misguided under his position of residing at work and simply defective.

– Michael D. Shear (@shearm) September 7, 2019

White Dwelling has changed in the past to suspend press credentials for upbeat members of the media following conflicts with management.

In August, the government stated that it could, by chance, by chance, suspend the press credentials of Playboy correspondent White Dwelling Brian Karem for a month, citing his habits during an occasion in Rose's backyard in July when he collided with Trump supporters who attended a White Dwelling social media summit. Karem has processed revive your credentials.

Closing a Year, White Dwelling Also Repealed CNN Reporter Jim Acostathe business James (Jim) AcostaDecide White Dwelling to Revive Playboy Reporter Press Pass White Housing Correspondents Association opposes suspension of Playboy reporter credentials White Housing: Trump's most useful remorse over the trade battle rarely imposes higher tariffs on China MOREHis credentials after he made contact with an intern while trying to hold back the microphone to interrogate Trump for one occasion. A takeover later ordered the White House revive Acosta credentials.

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